Runs and holes: Repairing compression stockings

Professional repairs are possible

Runs and holes: Repairing compression stockings

Do compression stockings come with a guarantee?

The effectiveness of a medical compression stocking is guaranteed by the manufacturer for a wearing period of six months, if handled correctly. During this period, you’re entitled to a guarantee. This means that medi ensures that the properties guaranteed by the manufacturer in conjunction with the RAL quality mark (e.g. graduated pressure distribution) are fulfilled for this period.

In addition, you have a legal claim to warranty. In accordance with Section 437 et seq. of the German Civil Code (BGB), medi is generally liable for all defects in the product that existed at the time of sale – including those noticed only later.

Excluded from the warranty are defects that can be caused by normal wear and tear (for example, small fibre nodules) or improper use.

After six months, the full medical compression effect no longer works in every case and the stockings should be replaced so that they continue to contribute to the success of the therapy.

Can holes or runs in medical compression stockings be repaired?

Medical compression stockings are medical aids. They are subject to legal requirements. In principle, repairs are possible to a certain extent. Depending on the stocking and damage, a decision must be made on a case-by-case basis. Only the manufacturer can decide whether a repair is possible or not. 

Four tips to avoid runs in medical compression stockings:

  • Never stretch compression stockings by force
  • Take off finger rings and wrist jewellery before putting them on
  • Use gloves to help you get dressed
  • Keep toenails short
  • Pay attention to the donning instructions

What’s more:  the right care increases the service life of medical compression stockings. You can find all information here. In this context, we would also like to point out that, if medically necessary, the stockings should be replaced after six months. Consult your trusted doctor.  

Can I mend or darn my compression stockings myself?

You should never mend or darn your compression stockings yourself! Only the manufacturer can carry out repairs correctly. Only a professional repair will ensure that the stocking is perfect from a medical point of view. In addition, repairing the stockings yourself will invalidate the warranty.

Where and how can I have compression stockings with runs professionally repaired?

As a manufacturer of medical compression stockings, repairs are only accepted from specialist medical retailers (e.g. medical supply stores). Therefore, please contact your trusted retailer with your request so that the compression stockings can be sent to us. In principle it’s advisable to return the stockings to the retailer where you bought them.


What does it cost to repair compression stockings?

The exact costs will be determined on a case-by-case basis after an assessment. medi will pass the information about any costs incurred on to the specialist retailer. Please discuss any costs which may be incurred on site.