Wearing compression stockings during the summer and in the heat

Especially on hot days, compression stockings relieve the legs. That's why you should wear your compression stockings every day, even in summer. We have refreshing tips and aids for you that make compression therapy more pleasant in the warm season.

Wearing compression stockings during the summer

What makes it easier to wear medical compression stockings in summer and in major heat?

Modern compression stockings are breathable. The Clima Comfort technology in medi compression stockings prevents heat build-up under the stocking. It ensures that moisture is quickly wicked to the outside.

The „medi fresh“ spray with menthol provides vitalising cooling for the legs. It can also be sprayed directly onto the mediven compression stockings.

From the care series, there is also the „medi day“ cooling gel. The products are available exclusively from specialist medical retailers. For a hint of freshness during the summer, simply store them in the refrigerator.

Why is it so important to wear medical compression stockings especially in hot weather?

Especially when it is warm, vein complaints can increase. The vessels dilate and the legs feel thicker and heavier. Without medical compression stockings, this can lead to an increased tendency to swelling (= oedema formation) in vein patients. 

For this reason, compression therapy should be continued in hot weather and in the summer, or even during a beach holiday. Especially patients with venous diseases, lipoedema or lymphoedema, as well as vein patients who have pronounced varicose veins or have already had a thrombosis, should also wear their medical compression stockings consistently in summer.

What’s more:  
Even people without venous diseases tend to have heavy legs and swellings in summer heat. Gentle compression stockings are also available from specialist medical retailers for people with healthy veins who attach particular importance to fit, beautiful legs at work, when travelling and during their leisure time. Get to know mJ-1 compression stockings and medi travel kennen.

Why are medical compression stockings with organic cotton particularly comfortable in hot weather?

The thermoregulating effect of organic cotton helps to balance the temperature: if it is hot, it has a cooling effect - if it is cold, it insulates. For example, mediven cotton offers an optimal fibre combination of organic cotton and functional fibres to support thermoregulation. The organic cotton absorbs moisture and stores it inside the fibre. The functional fibres wick moisture and water vapour away to the outside. The resulting evaporation effect cools.

What else can I do for my legs in summer?

Active muscles support the veins in transporting blood: swimming and aqua fitness have double benefits. The body cools down and the water pressure acts like a compression stocking. Doing vein exercises on hot days get the veins going. Rocking your feet and drawing foot circles, clawing your toes, tightening and relaxing your calf muscles are simple, effective exercises. If you like being outdoors, cycling and walking are very beneficial.

Wash your legs in cold water in the morning and evening, because the blood vessels constrict in the cold. This also supports your leg veins.

Ideal for sandals and flip-flops: Medical compression stockings with open toe – unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor. Find out more information about mediven compression stockings here.