Simple foot gymnastics for malpositions such as pes transversoplanus, pes planus und pes cavus

Special exercises are very suitable for strengthening the muscles and promoting the mobility of the feet. Here you can find some exercises which you can easily carry out at home. Please get medical advice before starting with the training. 

Foot gymnastics to loosen and relax foot malpositions

Therapy-supportive foot gymnastics – for more strength und mobility

People who have foot malpositions (such as pes transversoplanus, pes planus, fallen arches, valgus foot, pes cavus) can benefit from foot gymnastics. With special exercises, you can strengthen the foot muscles, improve your mobility and stabilize the arch of the foot. This can alleviate pain and even contribute to improved posture. 

  • Strengthening the foot muscles: The muscles and tendons in the feet are strengthened through targeted exercises. This can help to improve complaints that are caused by foot malpositions.  
  • Improving mobility: Your joints become more mobile through regular training, which leads to improved mobility and flexibility. The feet can thereby adjust better to different surfaces and the load will be distributed more easily. 
  • Stabilising the arch of the foot: Many foot malpositions are often related to a sinking or deformation of the arch of the foot. The arch of the foot can be strengthened and stabilized by special exercises.  
  • Pain relief: Foot malpositions can often cause pain, particularly if the loading upon the foot is incorrect. Pain can be alleviated by strengthening of the foot muscles and mobility can be improved.  
  • Improving posture: Foot malpositions can have an effect on the body’s entire posture. If the feet are not aligned properly, this can lead to postural problems and imbalances. Therefore, foot gymnastics not only benefit your feet, but also your posture as a whole. 

Foot gymnastics are most effective if you do them regularly. Get medical or therapeutic advice before you start the exercises.  

Toe caterpillar

Aim: Improvement of mobility and activation of the transverse foot arches

Starting position: Stand upright and place half a tennis ball on the floor in front of you.


  1. Claw your toes into the floor and drag your foot in the direction of the ball.
  2. When your foot is by the ball, shoot it a little forward with your toes.
  3. Repeat several times – and then use the other foot. 

Tearing up newspaper

Aim: Improvement of coordination and mobility

Starting position: Stand up straight and spread out a piece of newspaper on the floor.

Exercise: Stand with one foot on the paper and try to tear it up with the other foot. Then change feet. 

Picking up marbles

Aim: Improvement of coordination and mobility

Starting position: Stand up straight and put a few marbles (or similar objects) on the floor.

Exercise: Try to lift them up with your feet and put them in a container. Change feet every time you successfully lift up a marble.

Foot massage

Aim: Loosening and relaxation

Starting position: Sit on a chair or stand up straight.

Exercise: Put a spikey ball or fasciae ball on the floor and massage the soles of your feet in circular movements. 

Stretching your calves

Aim: Increase flexibility

Starting position: Support yourself against a wall, put one leg behind the other.

Exercise:  Stretch your calves, while doing this, the heel of the leg at the back should not leave the floor.