Digital systems for medical professionals

Phlebology and footcare: Take fast, intuitive and precise measurements or carry out analyses

Digital systems

Digital systems for taking measurements and for analyses

Digital systems for taking measurements, analyses and technical imaging for diagnosing pain and discomfort can form a well-founded basis for starting therapy customised for the individual patient.

Contactless procedure with medi vision

With medi vision it’s possible to obtain the leg measurements contactless and digitally. Thanks to innovative scan technology, you receive a precise fitting for round knit compression stockings in less than five minutes.

Technology to visualise feet and gait digitally

Innovative systems make it possible to detect foot deformities, gait and postural defects: in cooperation with the company Yellow & Blue, medi offers tools for static and dynamic identification of foot deformities and the musculoskeletal system (Yellow & Blue powered by medi).