Knee pain: causes and types

Knee pain

Do you have knee pain? Does your knee pain crop up suddenly or has the joint been hurting for some time? It occurs on both the inner or outer sides of the knee – sometimes even under the kneecap: Learn more about the different types of knee pain and what you can do about it.


Cause of knee pain: injury or wear?

Injury or wear can cause both acute and chronic knee pain. It can occur while you are exercising (for example after jogging or when climbing stairs) or reposing. While a knee injury (for example, after a fall during sports) often causes pain in young people, knee joint wear is usually the cause of pain in older people. Other factors can also cause knee pain. Learn more about the clinical symptoms and their causes.

Osteoarthritis: Pain that starts after a period of rest

Osteoarthritis: Pain that starts after a period of rest

Are you familiar with the so-called "start-up pain" and joint stiffness in the morning? The knee pain slowly subsides only after some time. Pain usually sets in when bending over, straining – for example when climbing stairs – and sometimes also after sitting or lying down for a long time. These signs may indicate the onset of knee joint osteoarthritis. What can you do? How can you prevent it?

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Sports injuries in football players

Cruciate ligament tear – a typical sports injury

Cruciate ligament tear is a typical injury in contact sports such as football and judo or when turning on a dime and stopping suddenly. The cruciate ligament is also often injured while skiing. Read up on how to get back on your feet quickly after a cruciate ligament tear and which therapy-supporting exercises can help you.

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Patellar tendonitis: When the patellar tendon is irritated

Patellar tendonitis: When the patellar tendon is irritated

This type of knee pain is also known as runner’s knee or jumper's knee. Heavy loads – for example during sports that involve intense jumping – can lead to irritation of the patellar tendon. How can you prevent this and what can you do to support therapy?

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Therapy-supporting exercises to alleviate knee pain

medi products for specific knee pain

medi products to alleviate specific knee pain

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Which doctors treat knee pain?

Looking for a doctor to help you alleviate knee pain? Consult your family doctor first. They will refer you to an orthopaedist

Doctor for knee pain

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