Genumedi PAGenumedi PA
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Genumedi PAGenumedi PA
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Genumedi PAGenumedi PA
Genumedi PAGenumedi PA

Genumedi® PA

Knee brace for relieving pain at the pes anserinus tendon insertion
  • Massage pad ensures pain relief at the Pes anserinus
  • Complex 3D pad design guides the patella
  • Lateral grip knobs facilitate donning
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Polyamide, polyester, elastane, viscose
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Genumedi® PA: knee brace for relieving pain at the pes anserinus tendon insertion (for inner knee pain)

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Genumedi® PA is a knee support for relieving pain at the pes anserinus tendon insertion. The tendon pad with 3D profile stimulates the pes anserinus, which can lead to a reduction in pain. The complex pad design of the Gemumedi® PA support helps to relieve pain and reduce swelling (oedema, haematoma). In addition, the laterally reinforced silicone patella pad positively influences the correct patellar guidance. The pressure on the tendon insertion can be individually adjusted with the support's strap. A free resistance band and information about suitable therapy-accompanying exercises are included with every Genumedi® PA.

Genumedi® PA is used when when a positive effect on the guidance of the patella is necessary. This is, for example, the case in:

The tendon pad stimulates the pes anserinus on the inner side of the knee and relieves the tendon insertion. The asymmetric strap system enables the pad pressure to be individually adjusted for each patient. Two thigh pads help to restore muscle balance; whilst the relaxation pad acts on a trigger point to relax the outer thigh muscle, the activation pad stimulates the inner thigh muscle. A laterally reinforced patellar ring supports guidance of the kneecap. In addition, the open enclosure of the patellar silicone ring minimises the contact pressure on the kneecap.

The extra-soft knitted fabric, the comfort zone with rippled structure and the diamond-shaped centre make the support easy to put on and comfortable to wear, especially in the hollow of the knee, as well as ensuring stability. The lateral grip nubs (Grip-Ons) also make it easier to put on.

The Genumedi® PA knee support is made from a compressive fabric, which allows the joint to be stabilised and relieved. Patients experience improved propioception, which, in turn, further promotes guidance and stabilisation of the joint.

Thanks to the special hybrid fabric created from high-tech fibre and natural eucalyptus fibre, Genumedi PA is particularly kind to the skin. The Clima Comfort® technology provides a high level of breathability; it quickly wicks moisture away from the surface of the skin. The integrated Clima Fresh® function has an odour-inhibiting effect, so that Genumedi® PA is just as suitable for sporting activities as it is for everyday life.

* Scientifically tested by the French institute IFTH1. The test result showed that medi's Clima Comfort technology guarantees climate exchange between skin and garment. In the test, medi achieved an outstanding overall score of 11 out of 12 points.

1Gardon-Mollard C., Gogué-Meunier G. Etude comparative du transfert de la vapeur d’eau dans différents articles de compression médicale. Phlébologie 2011,64(2):53-60.

Product features
  • Pad system:
    • Secure guiding of the patella is ensured by laterally reinforced patella pad with 3D profile
    • Stimulation of the patellar tendon via the tendon pad with 3D massage profile
    • Targeted addressing of individual muscles in the thigh through two 3D pads to restore the muscular balance in the long term
  • Strap system:
    • Individual pressure adjustment on Pes anserinus tendon insertion
    • No cutting-in thanks to offset strap system
  • Balanced pressure distribution (no cutting into calf area) thanks to the asymmetric strap system (rear strap is positioned slightly lower).
  • Individually adjustable strap system.
  • Latest knitting technology: easy to don, comfortable to wear, proven stability
  • Non-slip: Secure hold due to integrated silicone dot coating
  • Perceptibly decreases pressure on the kneecap due to the open enclosure of the patellar silicone ring.
  • Grip-Ons: Lateral grip knobs additionally facilitate donning
  • medi Comfort Zone with rippled structure for a higher level of comfort in the hollow of the knee
  • No cutting-in of the ends of the bandage thanks to the unique knitting technique (medi Soft Edge).
  • medi Comfort Zone
  • Clima Comfort*:
    • Wicks moisture away from the skin’s surface quickly
    • Guarantees a high level of breathability
  • Clima Fresh:
    • Antibacterial effect
    • Thus inhibits odour-forming bacteria
Intended purpose

Genumedi® PA is a brace which guides patella tracking.


All indications in which an effect on the guidance of the patella, as well as an effect on neighbouring anatomical structures (e.g. Pes anserine) is necessary, such as:

  • Pes anserine syndrome
  • Pes anserine bursitis
  • Pes anserine tendinopathy/tendinitis
  • Postoperative pain conditions at the area of  Pes anserine tendon insertion
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee

None known at present.

Genumedi® PA – Knee brace for relieving pain at the Pes anserinus tendon insertion
Application instructions for patients
Knee supports – Measuring
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15 cm6“5 cm2“
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kB25 - 2828 - 3131 - 3434 - 3737 - 4040 - 4343 - 46
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Circumferences in cm46 - 4949 - 5252 - 5555 - 5858 - 61
31 - 3434 - 3737 - 4040 - 4343 - 46
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