Compression stockings for light legs and healthy veins

“I feel naked without a compression stocking.”


Compression stockings for light legs and healthy veins

Julia Weyda buys compression stockings for private use – without any indications

Julia Weyda is 19 years old. She works as an orthopaedic technician in Aalen. In the workshop, she holds her own on a daily basis among mostly male colleagues. She is on her feet from morning to night to prepare the perfect prosthesis for her customers. Heavy legs? No way! Because she has been wearing compression stockings for four years – without any indication at all. As a woman of the trade, she knows about the positive effect of the medical aid and feels “well wrapped-up” with it. In an interview, she tells us how the stockings support her every day and why quality can have its price.

Miss Weyda, you have no medical indication: Why do you still wear compression stockings every day?

“I feel much more comfortable with them, just ‘well wrapped-up’. As an orthopaedic technician, I know the facts and know that I’m doing something good for myself and my legs.”

How long have you been wearing compression stockings?

“I have been wearing Compression Class 2 stockings for four years, such as the mediven elegance or the sturdier, opaque models such as the mediven forte. Of course, the aesthetic aspect also plays a role: Compression stockings make your legs look good.”

How do you feel when you wear it?

“Many people are concerned that they will sweat in compression stockings, especially in summer. I can give the all-clear. For me, the stocking is like a second skin that makes me feel better. I don’t wear them on vacation, but compression is important, especially during a flight. Whatever the season, I almost always wear the stockings, especially while I’m at work. In the orthopaedic workshop, I prepare prostheses for leg amputees, make plaster casts and stand at the grinding machine. I love my job, but it is also physically very exhausting, and I hardly get a break. Even during this hot summer, I had light, comfortable legs thanks to the compression and easily made it through the day in the workshop.” 

Do you also wear the compression for sports?

“Yes, in the gym I was often asked about it, because mostly I wear shorts over the coloured stockings and they are clearly visible. They make me feel good during training. If I don't wear stockings for once, I feel kind of naked. They are simply a part of me.”

What is particularly important to you if you want to enjoy wearing a stocking on a regular basis?

“What matters is the material. It should be tough but easy to put on at the same time. In addition, the stockings should be sturdy and should last for a long time even with daily use. I buy my stockings for private use and am willing to pay a little more if the quality is right. I can wash mediven stockings in the washing machine and also put them in the dryer. That’s a big plus for my everyday life, as I have two drawers full of stockings at home.”

What do people around you think about that fact that you are wearing compression stockings even though you have no medical indication?

“I have already influenced a lot of my friends, who then also bought compression stockings. I really only get positive feedback.” 

What motivates you to wear the stocking every day?

“For one thing, I feel better. Secondly, I'm doing something for my health. I work in the medical trade and see customers who suffer from venous disorders again and again. I'm counteracting that with compression stockings.”

What is your favourite outfit with mediven stockings?

“I love the combination of a black dress, black stockings and black ankle boots – it’s pretty rocky. The stockings look like conventional pantyhose from a fashion store. This has nothing to do with the old-fashioned, unattractive ‘rubber stockings’ of the past. Being healthy can also be pretty.”

What is your favourite stocking colour?

“I like all the colours. I often wear skin tones under trousers; and I like magenta or the current trend colour royal blue with dresses and skirts. If the stockings can be seen, they can also attract attention – people look anyway. I can handle that.”

How do you like the new harmonious round knit colour range from medi?

“A large variety of colours is important to me because customers should have a choice and then be able to decide for themselves – regardless of whether they wear a light, medium or strong model. The round knit colour range has something for everyone.”

Do you wear models with payable add-ons such as the crystals?

“I think the crystals are great; they are a real highlight on the stocking. I’m happy to pay a little more for that, too. I think that many customers like them and, for example, especially younger women treat themselves to the glittering accessories. I personally love to wear crystal stockings to parties in the evening.”

Miss Weyda, thank you for the interview.