Clinical compression

Compression can provide a variety of support during an inpatient hospital stay, such as the prevention of blood clots, swelling and haematomas. Click here for an overview of products by medi.

Products for clinical compression from medi

Inpatient compression with clinical compression stockings and practical accessories

The areas of application for clinical compression include thrombosis prophylaxis as well as prevention and treatment of postoperative oedema and haematoma. Hospitals require needs-based, therapeutically safe and economically reasonable compression support.  

Inpatient compression therapy for the daily hospital routine

With its specially developed medical thrombosis prophylaxis stockings (MTPS), clinical compression stockings and relevant accessories, medi offers a carefully conceived therapy concept that has been specially developed to meet hospital needs: to facilitate the daily hospital routine and optimise time management – in keeping with the patient’s interest. 

Medi products for clinical compression

Targeted treatment requires the compression to be adjusted to the respective patient’s indication, situation and mobility. That is why medi offers products with light, medium and strong compression for hospital stays, all featuring graduated and decreasing pressure distribution. Clinical compression is used on a pre-, intra- and postoperative basis for immobile, partially mobile and mobile patients.