Clinical compression

medi compression technology in the hospital

Products for clinical compression from medi

Products for clinical compression from medi

There is a demand for appropriate, therapeutically safe and cost-effective compression aids, particularly in hospitals (e.g. for thrombosis prophylaxis). The medi compression seal of quality denotes highly effective medical devices for prophylaxis and therapy in a wide variety of clinical indications. It stands for premium products and as a testament to 60 years of experience in research and development.

Long-lasting successful treatment

In the hospital setting, put your trust in the clinical compression concept from medi. A high-tech approach that you can rely on for long-term support to successful treatment:

  • Processes finely-tuned to the deployment of products tailored to the needs of your patients.
  • medi offers you greater opportunity to delegate the responsibility for professional compression treatment to assistants.
  • That gives you more flexibility
  • medi has the most innovative and cost-effective solution to ensure your treatment is successful. Your patients will experience the difference.
  • Satisfied patients recommend others.
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