Taking measurements with medi vision

Look forward to a special experience. With medi vision, medi is bringing a contactless digital tool onto the market for the first time. Trained retail personnel can take measurements mobile, fast and digitally as well as place orders.

Taking measurements with medi vision

medi vision – awarded multiple times

The digital tool for innovative measurements, medi vision, received the German Innovation Award in category #W2 Excellence in Business to Business – Information Technologies | Industry Specific and Service Softwares. It impressed the German Design Council with its added value for both the medical professional and the patient.


medi was also awarded the German Brand Award 2020 in the category "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation – Brand Communication – Integrated Campaign" for the 360-degree campaign for medi vision. 

The perfect medi round knit fitting in under five minutes

The perfect medi round knit fitting in under five minutes

Experience the smart future of digital measurements with medi vision: contactless, fast, precise. medi vision combines a tablet with a 3D camera and specially developed software. medi vision is flexible and mobile – can be used in medical retail stores, clinics or during home visits. A trained specialist needs less than five minutes from taking measurements to ordering the perfect medi stocking.

Contactless measurements with medi vision

When taking digital measurements with medi vision, your legs are scanned with a 3D camera. The tool generates an exact 3D model with all relevant measurements - contactless and especially comfortable.

For compression stockings that fit perfectly

For compression stockings that fit perfectly

With medi vision, the future of fast, digital measurements has arrived in retail. It means the specialist personnel can spend more time advising customers.

Thanks to the precise measurement data, which can still be individually adjusted by your medical specialist, you receive your ideal compression garment.





Comprehensive advice

Directly after taking the measurements you and your specialist choose the colour, topband and any special wishes for your compression stockings. The result: Your individual garment.

medi vision - comprehensive advice
medi vision - mobile use


Mobile use

You are not able to go to a medical retail store for taking measurements? With medi vision, this is also possible at home: Patients with limited mobility can be treated comfortably and contactless at home.