Specialist in medical supply store is using medi vision for digital measurement

medi vision® – the digital assistant for the medical supply store: experience digital measuring

An app for round and flat knits: from taking measurements to ordering – mobile or in a medical supply store. Digital measuring with medi vision is an innovative experience for medical supply stores and patients: measurement data is recorded and processed almost without contact for round and flat knit customers. 

What is medi vision®?

medi vision combines a tablet with a 3D camera and specially developed software. It supports from taking measurements to ordering – in the specialised medical trade or on the move in home and hospital care. 

The medi vision app allows mediven compression supports for round and flat knits to be configured easily and effectively. A specialist can easily and clearly enter all relevant data into the digital measurement sheet – by hand, Apple Pencil or 3D scan. The scan generates an exact 3D model with all relevant dimensions almost without contact. The entered measurement data is then automatically fed into the ordering process in the medi e-shop. 

The result: products that always fit perfectly and satisfied customers with advanced advice and safe supply. 

Benefits of medi vision for patients and providers

medi vision®: benefits for patients and providers 

  • One app for round and flat knit: the simple and effective way to find the right mediven compression fitting. 
  • Measure first, order later: can be used in specialist shops and flexibly on the move.  
  • Digital measurement sheet – convenient and easy to fill out: by hand, with Apple Pencil or 3D scan. 
  • Satisfied customers thanks to advanced advice: comfortable, hygienic and safe care. 

Digital measuring: scanning and manually – how it works

medi vision enables digital measuring via a scan function

Scan function 

The trained specialist scans the patient’s legs with a 3D camera. The tool generates an exact 3D model with all the relevant dimensions. This is done digitally, ergonomically, comfortably and almost contact-free at a distance of approximately 2.2 metres.

Measurement data can also easily be entered manually

Manual entry  

If it is not possible to scan directly, the measurement data can easily be entered manually – both skin and tension measurements. This can be done by hand using the numeric keypad or by Apple Pencil.  


“By manually entering the measurement data in medi vision, we save ourselves a lot of paper, which not only benefits the environment, but also supports our digital processes in the company.” 

Martin Roth, Manager at Sanitätshaus Roth, describes his favourite medi vision function, “manual entry”

Functions for specialists: medi vision® is flexible, mobile and convenient

Automatic tensile dimension calculation:
(based on medi flat knit algorithm, for which a European patent has already been applied)

medi vision calculates the tensile dimension automatically after the skin measurements have been recorded by scan or by hand. Specialist expertise can never be replaced in this process, because defined control measurement points are always re-measured. 


“Automatic calculation of the tension measurement in the medi vision app helps me, even as a newcomer to the industry, to support my colleagues with flat knit fittings. We measure manually at defined control points so that our patients receive a perfect compression fitting.” 

Stella Weber, Specialist at Sanitätshaus Rulitschka, describes her favourite medi vision function, “automatic tensile dimension calculation”

Other functions:

Note field, patient setup, export of dimensional data and product configurations, standard size finder, digital order option


“What I like most about medi vision is that it can be used so flexibly. As I can use it without an internet connection, the digital system helps me even when I’m out in the field – for example, in hospitals or with patients at home.” 

Timo Scholz, Specialist at Sanitätshaus Scholz, talking about the mobile use of medi vision

medi vision was awarded with the Plus X Award in 2021

medi vision® picks up many awards

medi vision® gathered many awards: in 2021 the digital tool was awarded the Plus X Award in the Innovation, High-Quality, User Comfort and Functionality categories – and also named “Best Product of the Year” in Compression. With this, medi vision is building on its success from 2020, when it received the German Innovation Award and the German Brand Award in various categories. 


Do you want to impress your customers with medi vision®?  

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