Foot pain can be caused by injury or incorrect positioning

Foot pain

Our feet carry us through every day. Foot pain can severely impair this: whether locomotion, balance or exercise – many things become more difficult or are no longer possible for a certain time. Foot pain can be caused by injuries or improper positioning of the feet, among other things. The relief and therapy options are as varied as the causes.


Overview of improper positioning of the feet

You have knee, hip, back or neck afflictions? Have you ever wondered whether improper positioning of the feet could be the underlying cause? Our feet influence our body’s posture. Improper positioning of the feet occurs in children and adults and is sometimes also clearly visible, for example when the foot bends conspicuously outwards or inwards. If left untreated, it can lead to chronic problems. Learn more about the most common improper positioning of the feet, how to recognise it as well as how to strengthen and stabilise your feet and off-loading the strain on them with foot orthotics and exercises.

Everything you need to know about improper positioning of the feet

Flat foot

Flat foot: Pes planus

What exactly is a pes planus? The colloquial term “flat foot” refers to the combination of several foot deformities: the valgus foot, fallen arch and sometimes also the pes transversoplanus. Pes planus can also cause knee, hip or back problems in addition to foot pain. Find out how to recognise pes planus as well as what you can do to off-loading foot pain and prevent secondary complaints.

More about Pes transversovalgus
Image of hallux valgus

Hallux valgus: Deviation of the big toe to the small toe side

An existing pes transverseplanus, genetic predisposition (women are affected more often than men) or a preference for shoes that are too tight and high: various factors can favour the development of hallux valgus , which leads to a crooked big toe. This can lead to foot pain – especially in the metatarsophalangeal joint – and cause arthrosis in the long term. Learn about the different ways of supporting the biomechanics of your feet and counteracting the development of hallux valgus.

Further information about hallux valgus
Heel spur: foot pain in the heel area

Heel spur: foot pain in the heel area

Sharp pain on the sole of the foot in the area of the heel or discomfort at the back of the heel: If the foot is continually subject to excessive strain, a heel spur can form at the heel’s tendon insertions. This can make standing and walking very uncomfortable. Foot gymnastics and foot orthotics are just a few examples of successful therapy methods for heel spurs.

What you can do to alleviate heel pain
medi foot orthotics to alleviate foot pain

medi products: foot orthotics to alleviate foot pain

The range of shoe foot orthotics for improper positioning of the feet or diseases in the foot region is as varied as the causes of foot pain. Your doctor will give you advice about the best way to support your feet with medi products.

Aids for foot pain