Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain

Acute or chronic shoulder pain is caused by injury, wear or other pathological changes. It can occur while you are exercising or reposing. Some people experience discomfort in the shoulder joint and upper arm mainly at night and in the morning after getting up, while others tend to feel such pain under strain. Weak shoulder muscles, for example, increase the risk of shoulder pain.


Shoulder anatomy

As the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the human body, it is particularly complex and sensitive. But how exactly do the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones of the shoulder interact? What is the rotator cuff and what is the function of the bursa? Find out more about the fascinating anatomy of the shoulder.

Shoulder anatomy

Shoulder luxation

Shoulder luxation: Dislocation of the shoulder

Did you know that in rare cases a shoulder can dislocate even during everyday exertion or while you are sleeping? Most of the time, however, it happens due to external forces, for example a fall or an accident. Injuries can occur in the surrounding tissue, for example to the capsular ligament apparatus, nerves or vessels. What to do if your shoulder dislocates? What does therapy look like? Are there ways of preventing shoulder dislocation?

More about shoulder dislocation
At-home exercises to alleviate shoulder pain

Tips and exercises to alleviate shoulder pain

A damaged shoulder joint can cause enormous difficulties in everyday life. What can you do to strengthen your shoulder muscles and keep your shoulder flexible? Which exercises are suitable to alleviate shoulder pain and what is the right “dosage”? There’s no doubt about it: exercise is good for your shoulders – as long as it does not overstrain the joint. Get active with the exercises we have prepared for you.

Exercises for shoulder pain
medi SAS multi shoulder orthosis

medi products for shoulder complaints

medi shoulder orthoses und supports are used for relief or immobilisation – for example after surgery. They can assist in the healing process for shoulder injuries and diseases, reduce shoulder pain and help remobilise the shoulder – for better quality of life.

Products to alleviate shoulder pain

Effective therapy following shoulder injury

Cross-country skier Andreas Katz talks about his injury and the healing process.

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