Foot supports and ankle supports

Modern foot and ankle supports stabilise and improve circulation with their compressive knitted fabric and integrated massage pads. They can also reduce swelling and pain.

Foot and ankle supports from medi

Get mobile again more quickly with stabilising foot and ankle supports

The compressive foot and ankle supports from medi are medical aids for soft tissue compression. After an injury, they support the healing process for many indications on the Achilles tendon and ankle, for example sprains, chronic instabilities or Achillodynia. The supports can relieve and stabilise, alleviate irritation and pain and stimulate blood circulation with a gentle massage.  

If medically necessary, an ankle support or Achilles tendon support can be prescribed by a doctor. 

Pleasant, stable feeling with medi supports for the foot and ankle

The medi foot and ankle supports are particularly kind to the skin thanks to the special fibre combination: breathable and odour-inhibiting materials transport moisture directly to the outside thanks to the integrated Clima Fresh function. At the same time, the combination of compressive knitted fabric (CCL II) and other features helps to stabilise the ankle and reduce swelling. 

Comfortable handling of ankle supports from medi

The medi supports for the ankle and Achilles tendon are comfortable to use thanks to their clever details: Thanks to the elasticated material, the supports do not cut into the foot and can be worn all day long. The knitted fabric also makes them easy to put on and take off - and they sit securely on the foot. The enclosed donning aid made of balloon silk (not included with the medi elastic ankle support) also makes it easier for users to put on the supports.