German Brand Award

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German Brand Award
German Brand Award Winner 2020
Impressive 360-degree communication from medi

medi vision campaign receives German Brand Award 2020

medi once again received the German Brand Award for its outstanding brand work. The medical aid manufacturer was recognised in the category "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation – Brand Communication – Integrated Campaign" for its 360-degree campaign for the digital tool medi vision. It is the sixth German Brand Award for the Bayreuth family business since 2016.


German Brand Award

medi once againreceived the German Brand Award in 2019

According to the German Brand Institute and the German Design Council, medi is one of the best product and company brands in the industry. This year, medi received the German Brand Award again, this time in the “Excellent Brands” competition class in the “Health & Pharmaceuticals” category. This is the fifth German Brand Award medi has received since 2016. This highlights the stability of the brand and the continuous development of the company.
“We always think outside the box, look for new approaches and continue to develop our expertise on an ongoing basis”, says Managing Director at medi, Dirk Treiber. He is proud that the strong culture as a family business also influences the medi brand: “Our brand is shaped by our employees to a large extent. They convey our values, such as openness and empathy towards our target groups, and our commitment to continuously reassessing the status quo and developing new products to the outside world.”
The German Brand Award is an award for successful brand management in Germany. Its goal is to discover, present and offer recognition to pioneering brands and brand builders. Prizes are awarded for innovative brands, consistent brand management and sustainable brand communication, as well as personalities and companies which are pioneering in the brand world.

Communication with target groups as equals

The entire brand image, both internally and externally, is based on the medi values which form the basis for actions.

“For example, this also includes communicating with our target groups as equals and thus demonstrating closeness. Our strong solution culture, as well as the particularly informal and open style at medi, are also included in this. We like to refer to this as the so-called ‘medi spirit’ which is very clear even to people outside the company and which, together with the people at medi of course, characterises the brand and brings it to life.”

Dirk Treiber, Managing Director

German Brand Award

Two awards for the “medi” brand in 2018

The German Brand Institute and the German Design Council awarded medi two prizes as part of the German Brand Award in 2018. One winner award was in the “Excellence in Branding” premium class, which recognises outstanding brand management across industries. In this regard, medi impressed the panel in the “Corporate Brand of the Year” category. In addition, medi received the coveted prize in the “Industry Excellence in Branding – Health & Pharmaceuticals” category. After the awards in 2016 and 2017, these were already the third and fourth German Brand Awards.

German Brand Award 2016 and 2017

Successful brand management and employer brand

The German Brand Institute and the German Design Council awarded medi the German Brand Award in 2016 and 2017. The Bayreuth-based company received the coveted award in the “Industry Excellence in Branding” competition class in the “Medical & Health” category in 2016. In 2017, medi also received recognition as a strong employer brand in the “Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation” class in the “Employer Branding” category.


German Brand Award

“I feel better.” People all over the world should be able to say this. Every day is like new. High standards and a great deal of motivation for over 2,700 medi team members all over the world. In order to meet this challenge, medi develops products and therapy concepts which offer people improved quality of life. What makes medi so special as a brand? Empathy! We see things from the perspective of our users, listen to them and continuously reassess the status quo. Only in this way can we provide people with the best possible solutions for their well-being.”

         Claudia Iberle, Brand Manager

A love of detail and over 65 years of experience in the field of compression technology.

This is what makes medi a strong brand.

A virtual tour of our hosiery production site

“I value the excellent working environment at medi and the trustworthy, friendly and helpful way of working together. It has always been a perfect fit. I am also passionate about our products because they help people to feel better. I am thrilled to be part of this company which has demonstrated such strong growth in recent years.”

Marga Hübner, Advisor in Financial Accounting, has been working at medi for 45 years

vocational training at medi

"Thanks to the wide range of projects which medi offers to trainees, there’s a very broad spectrum of learning opportunities. Within the framework of the projects, as trainees we are given responsibility, which really promotes personal development and further training."

Jonas Bauernschmitt, Trainee Textile and Fashion Tailor