Back problems

Back problems

Lower back problems: Back pain severely impairs quality of life. Our “Back” section shows you what types of back pain there are and what you can do to quickly get rid of your back pain again. Also read up on how to prevent back problems.


Back problems – as varied as their causes

Did you know that back problems are one of the most common ailments the general population endures? Overstrain, poor posture, illnesses or injuries – the causes are manifold and varied. Standing, sitting and even lying down can become a problem for people with back disorders. This means precise diagnosis is important for targeted treatment.

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Back pain: causes, prevention and therapy

There are many types of back pain: It can be chronic or acute as well as specific or non-specific. Take the online-test: The result can provide you initial guidance and, if necessary, the impetus for your next visit to the doctor. A wide range of treatment options is available. Although your doctor may recommend an orthosis or a similar medical aid such as a support, certain medications or surgery can also bring relief. You will also learn how important exercise is and why.

What helps with back pain?
Sacroiliac joint syndrome: Various causes

Sacroiliac joint syndrome: Various causes

If the sacroiliac joint hurts, doctors refer to it as sacroiliac joint syndrome. Various causes can trigger sacroiliac joint pain, such as a functional disorder, inflammation or instability. Therapy is based on the cause, with the aim of not only treating the symptoms but also eliminating the pain trigger.

Information about sacroiliac joint syndrome
Symphyseal pain during pregnancy

Symphyseal pain during pregnancy

Pelvic instabilities can cause another type of discomfort – especially in women during pregnancy: symphyseal pain. The symphysis (pubic symphysis) widens by three to four millimetres during pregnancy, which can cause pain. Find out what you can do to alleviate this pain.

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Osteoporosis – the disease with the dowager’s hump

Osteoporosis – the disease with the dowager’s hump

If you experience back pain, you should also take osteoporosis into account as cause – a metabolic disease where the bones become porous. It also affects the spine’s vertebral bodies: if osteoporosis remains untreated, the vertebrae can break. The patient loses height and in a painful process a hunchback, the so-called dowager’s hump, can form.

Back problems with osteoporosis
Pantient story: Marc Ohlmeier

Back patients talk about their experiences

He is a cameraman and a back patient. Read about how Marc Ohlmeyer nevertheless manages to be a camera virtuoso – with heavy equipment and plenty of passion.

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medi back orthoses

Back orthoses can provide relief and support

The range of medi orthoses offers the right medical aids for various types of back complaints. They can relieve pain while impressing with pleasant wearing comfort.

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