Therapy-accompanying exercises to do yourself

Support for self-help at home: Instructions for independent therapy-accompanying exercises

Therapy-accompanying exercises to do yourself

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a collective term for a range of measures to alleviate, cure and prevent diseases. Part of the therapy is to practise movements, which can be carried out by the patient independently. 

Physiotherapy is often used when individual structures or functions of the locomotor system have deficits. Medical aids can help here. Wearing compression stockings, supports or orthoses during exercise may be effective and necessary. This makes physiotherapy an alternative or useful supplement to medication or surgery.

Therapy-accompanying exercises with and without therapists

The physiotherapist instructs the patient and guides the movements. There are also numerous exercises that the patient can do independently after consulting a doctor. The QR code on the packaging of medi aids links directly to exercise instructions. Discuss the exercises, the variations and the degree of difficulty with your doctor or physiotherapist.

Exercises for the knee

Exercises for the foot

Exercises for the ankle

Exercises for the elbow

Exercises for the back

Exercises for the veins