Experience report: Compression stockings for pregnancy oedema

Michaela Kern experienced severe signs of oedema in the 7th month of her pregnancy. Since then, she has been wearing medical round-knit stockings from medi. In the interview, she tells us what she likes about it in particular and why she wants to continue wearing the MCS after her pregnancy too.

Michaela Kern received medical compression stockings to treat her oedema, which was caused by pregnancy. She particularly liked the soft tummy section that expands as her belly grows in the round-knit mediven plus stockings from medi. She could wear the grey version with a number of different outfits to create different looks. (Images: © Michaela Kern)

“Thanks to mediven plus, I can see my ankles again!”

Extensive water retention, mainly around the ankles: Michaela Kern experienced severe signs of oedema in the 7th month of her pregnancy. Her gynaecologist prescribed medical compression stockings (MCS). Since then, she has been wearing mediven plus*, round-knit stockings from medi. As well as knee length, she also wears the thigh-high version and has been completely won over. In the interview, she tells us what she likes about it in particular and why she wants to continue wearing the MCS after her pregnancy too.

Ms. Kern, how much did your water retention affect your day-to-day life?

“As an executive assistant, I have an office job that is very sedentary. In addition, as I entered the final trimester, the temperatures soared to summertime levels. This increased my water retention – my ankles were particularly very swollen, and my skin felt like it was stretched. It was really uncomfortable! In my free time, I work as a freelance photographer which is more active, so I had less issues, but the swelling often made it difficult for me to put my shoes on.”

You received mediven plus* round-knit compression stockings from medi to treat your condition. How did the MCS impact your symptoms?

“I could see my ankles again (laughs)! It’s important to bear in mind that I wore the MCS during the day, every day – either the knee length stocking or the thigh-high version. My water retention reduced, my ankles weren’t as swollen any more, my skin felt less taut and it was easier to put my shoes on. The MCS exert a pleasant level of compressive pressure, and this meant that my legs felt far lighter.  Another positive thing on hot days was that I didn’t sweat under them.”

What did you especially like about the mediven plus* stockings?

“The body section of the tights expanded as my belly grew! The stockings gave me additional support without pressing on my baby bump, as there’s no compression in the tummy section of the tights. For a pregnant woman, this is a huge plus. I could wear the medical compression stockings under my trousers or with flowing clothes in summer without any issues. They also look good, and I could combine the grey colour with lots of different looks. However, I also really like the colourful varieties, as they can be used to accentuate an outfit.”

What about the thigh-high version?

“This model was so comfortable to wear, even on hot days. The perfect fit also won me over - the thigh-high stockings stayed in place throughout all of my movements and activities and made me feel secure.”

How easy was it for you to put on the mediven plus* stockings?

“It was difficult in the beginning and needed a bit of practice and time. I was used to that with my other clothes though, because my tummy is growing. Once I’d got the hang of it, it was easy!”

What was your experience like; you consulted both your doctor and a medical supply store, who worked together to help you?

“It was very good! The medical supply store that I had selected recommended the MCS from medi. The specialist staff took my measurements and helped me to put them on for the first time. They gave me a tip: Keep wearing the MCS after you have given birth, because pregnancy takes 9 months to develop and you also take 9 months to recover from it. I will definitely follow that advice, because it’s great to have legs that feel so light.”

Do you want to give any tips to others who are pregnant and are experiencing swelling or venous issues?

“Focus on your own wellbeing and body and be active! I swim regularly, take showers where I switch from hot to cold to boost circulation, attend acupuncture sessions and drink a lot of water. I also make sure that I maintain a good balance between movement and rest, when I elevate my legs.”

Thank you for giving this interview Ms. Kern! We wish you all the best with your baby!

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*Intended purpose of mediven plus®:
Round-knit medical compression stocking used for compression of the lower extremities, mainly for the treatment of disorders of the venous system.