Round knit treatment for venous disorders

Interview with Barbara Radtke

Portrait Barbara Radtke, Photo: Dennys Schick (@schickpics)

“Wear your compression with confidence!”

Modelling is her passion. Barbara Radtke is 67 years old and suffers from varicose veins, a condition that she inherited from her father. For the best-age model, it’s no reason to hide her legs – quite the contrary. As one of the faces of the current mediven trend colours campaign by medi, she proudly presents the new collection and wears the round knit medical compression stockings and pantyhose mediven by medi herself in her everyday life. She wants to give other sufferers of venous disorders confidence and show that medical compression works and looks good at the same time.

Ms Radtke, when did you first notice that you had varicose veins?

“I first noticed varicose veins in 1980 at the age of 27 – in the same year, these were also medically diagnosed. My legs then felt very heavy, like sacks”. The discomfort got worse, and so two years later I decided to have surgery for my varicose veins. That’s the first time that I had anything to do with compression. At first I had some problems with it, because the medical compression pantyhose was very rigid and I felt caged in. As I didn’t get on very well with the first pantyhose, I looked around for alternatives. Then I found out about the mediven brand from medi.”

How do you like the medical compression stockings from medi?

“I’m totally impressed! Since I have been wearing the medical compression stockings mediven comfort and, in the winter, the pantyhose mediven plus, I haven’t had any swollen legs and above all, any pain. That’s a gain for my health and my well-being!”

As well as medical compression stockings, do you use other products for support?

“Yes, the skincare products of medi! I use the medi day gel and the medi night cream which soothes my skin with witch hazel and makes it soft. On warm days I also like to wear the medi fresh spray. Whether it’s directly on the skin or the compression stockings – it’s great for freshening up!”

What is important to you in a medical aid?

“The feel, look and of course effectiveness! With the medical compression stockings from medi, I’ve found the perfect combination! My legs are no longer swollen and I feel good all over. I find the wearing comfort very pleasant. The medical compression stockings and pantyhose mediven comfort* and mediven plus** feel soft and also give my legs a great shape. Being a model, the visual appearance also plays an important role for me. I particularly like the new mediven trend colours, because for every outfit I can find the matching colour of compression stockings. A real eyecatcher: The crystals.

You are one of the faces of the mediven trend colours 2020. What do you particularly like about the campaign?

“My experience was perhaps similar to many women. When my venous disorder was first diagnosed, I wasn’t happy about my legs. This only changed when I started using the right products. The medical compression stockings and pantyhose mediven by medi are simply lovely. There’s no reason to hide my legs any more. I’m proud to be presenting the varied possibilities as part of the campaign and to communicate a feeling of self-confidence.”

You do modelling despite having varicose veins – and with a positive radiance. What advice would you like to give others with venous disorders?

“Wear your medical compression stockings with confidence – your legs will thank you for it! Thanks to the comfortable material and lovely colours, I feel really good in the mediven compression products and above all, confident! I want to give all other sufferers the courage to deal with venous disorders in an open way and to make the best of the situation.”

Apart from compression, do you have any other tips for vein health?

“Sport! It’s important for beautiful, healthy legs and your overall wellbeing! Sports such as yoga, special exercises in the gym, cycling, going for walks and swimming are particularly good for people with venous disorders. I enjoy travelling in my leisure time – I go hiking or skiing in winter, and I love dancing. Here too, I wear medical compression stockings. Another tip: Rinse down your legs with cold water every morning – it’s very refreshing, and not just for tired legs!”

Dear Ms Radtke, many thanks for this pleasant interview. We wish you continued health and fun when modelling!


Intended purpose

* Round-knitted medical compression stocking used for compression of the lower extremities, mainly for the treatment of disorders of the venous system.
** Round-knitted medical compression stocking used for compression of the lower extremities, mainly for the treatment of disorders of the venous system.