The bow* foot orthotic for treating knee pain

Medical supply store employee Elaine Ost wore the innovative bow* foot orthotic because she had knee pain. In the interview, she tells us about the springy feeling she experienced after taking the first step and how it has helped to relieve her pain.

The bow* foot orthotic for treating knee pain

Moving springily and powerfully with bow®

For Elaine Ost, medical assistant at a medical supply store, the focus is always on the customer. Working in the office and in the field, she takes care of patients by accompanying them throughout their therapy and offering them support. In order to be able to talk about her own experiences in consultations, she for example has already worn sensomotoric foot orthotic even though she did not have any complaints. After being pregnant, she herself suddenly experienced knee pain during her favorite leisure activity, running. With bow* she was now wearing foot orthotics for therapy purposes herself - and was absolutely thrilled. In the interview she talks about the springy feeling from the very first step and the positive impact on her complaints.

Ms. Ost, kindly give us a brief insight on your course of disease.

“In my free time, I like to go for a run. However, after my pregnancy I had problems with the reentry and experienced knee pain. In the beginning, the pain occurred predominantly during the run, later on I also experienced it when just going for a walk. Subsequently, I had a gait pattern analysis made in our medical supply store that showed deviations from a healthy gait pattern. I suppose, I have been having them since before the pregnancy, but somehow my body was able to compensate for it well at the time.”

Medical store assistant Elaine Ost had a springy feeling right away during her first running session with the bow orthopedic insole.

© Elaine Ost; Photographer: Björn Gladasch

How can the abnormalities in the gait pattern be explained?

“Due to the pregnancy-related break I took from running, the muscles in my calfs, thighs and core were breaking down. Before starting to run again, I needed to rebuild my muscles first. I started with intensive yoga as strength training and combined it with wearing bow*.”

What was your first impression of bow*?

“I went for a run straight away and immediately had a springy feeling. The pain in my left knee was gone right away, and in my right knee - while I was still experiencing minimal stress-induced pain at first – the pain subsided entirely over time as well. In the beginning I felt a soft, comfortable massaging effect – the feeling of exactly the right spot being stimulated.”

Was your pain mitigated by bow*?

“Definitely! After a short period of time the pain was completely gone. bow was supporting me immensely – during my runs I didn’t buckle anymore and after completing my 40-min forest run my legs felt powerful. They lifted off easily, without any extra effort. I was able to concentrate on the run 100 percent instead of paying attention to every little tweak in the knee or constantly thinking about my gait pattern.”

Does that mean with bow* you immediately noticed a perceptible change in your everyday life?

“Yes, I was moving springily and powerfully and I was able to conduct my sports activities just like I used to. Aside from muscle building, one component of the therapy was the foot orthotic. The pain subsided completely and has not returned since. That’s why I am absolutely thrilled! What I also found remarkable – I was wearing bow throughout the entire day and could switch between shoes without any problems.”

So, your conclusion on the wearing comfort is …

“With bow* positive thoughts were literally bouncing along – right out of the gate the first run was really fantastic! The wearing comfort was great from the beginning. One week in, I wasn’t even feeling bow* anymore. It wonderfully blended in with my everyday life – that’s exactly what I’m looking for in a medical device!”

Dear Ms. Ost, thank you very much for sharing your insights and for the pleasant conversation!



*Intended purpose: bow® is an insole blank handed over to the supplying specialist groups. They build up a custom-made insole. This ensures that the patient's foot is treated according to the indication.