The orthopaedic bow* insole for treating knee pain

Medical supply store employee Elaine Ost wore the innovative bow insole because she had knee pain. In the interview, she tells us about the springy feeling she experienced after taking the first step and how it has helped to relieve her pain.

The orthopaedic bow* insole for treating knee pain (© Elaine Ost; Photographer: Björn Gladasch)

“With the bow, I was bouncy and powerful!”

For medical supply store employee Elaine Ost, the focus is always on the customer. She looks after patients both in the store and out on visits and provides them with advice and support during therapy. To be able to report on her own experiences during consultations, she wore sensorimotor insoles, for example, even though she had no pain. After her pregnancy, she suddenly developed knee pain while doing her favourite recreational sport, jogging. With the bow from medi, she started wearing an orthopaedic insole for therapy for the very first time – and was absolutely thrilled with the results. In the interview, she explains the springy feeling she experienced after taking the first step and how it has helped to relieve her pain.

Ms Ost, please give us a brief insight into the progression of your condition.

“I like to go jogging in my free time. But after my pregnancy I started having knee pain when I started jogging again. At the beginning, the pain occurred mainly when I ran, but later it was even there when I walked. Then I had my gait analysed at our medical supply store and it showed an unhealthy gait pattern. This was probably already occurring before I got pregnant, but my body was still able to compensate for it back then.”

Medical store assistant Elaine Ost had a springy feeling right away during her first running session with the bow orthopedic insole.

© Elaine Ost; Photographer: Björn Gladasch

How can gait abnormalities be explained?

“Because I’d had a break from running during pregnancy, my muscles in my calves, thighs and torso were weak. Before I could start running, I had to build up my muscles again. I started with intensive yoga as strength training and combined it with the orthopaedic insole bow*.”

What was your first impression of the bow*?

“I went running straight away and immediately experienced a springy feeling. The discomfort in my left knee was gone instantly. On the right, I still had a minimal amount of pain on exertion, but this also disappeared completely over time. At the beginning I felt a light, pleasant massaging effect. I could feel that exactly the right point was being stimulated.”

Did the bow* relieve your pain?

“Definitely! It didn’t take long before I had no pain at all. The bow* was an enormous help to me. I no longer buckled when jogging and my legs felt powerful during my 40-minute forest run. They lifted easily without any extra effort. I was able to concentrate 100 per cent on running instead of paying attention to every twinge in my knee or constantly having to think about my gait pattern.”

So with the bow, you quickly noticed significant changes in your everyday life?

“Yes, I was springy and powerful and could do my sports activities again like before. The orthopaedic insole was an additional therapy component to muscle building. The pain completely decreased and hasn’t come back since. That’s why I’m absolutely thrilled! I also appreciated the fact that I could wear the bow all day and could easily put it into my different shoes!”

So your conclusion on user comfort is ...

“With the bow*, positive thoughts literally resonated – even the first run was great! The user comfort was top-notch right from the start. After just one week I couldn’t even feel the bow*. It integrated perfectly into my everyday life – that’s what I’m looking for in a medical aid!”

Thank you very much for your insights and the pleasant chat.



*Intended purpose: bow® is an insole blank handed over to the supplying specialist groups. They build up a custom-made insole. This ensures that the patient's foot is treated according to the indication.