Athletes rely on medi both while training and competing

German Ski Association (DSV)

medi has been providing the German national skiing teams with medi travel socks and orthopaedic medical devices for more than a decade. Our sports brand CEP supports the national biathlon and Nordic ski teams with sports compression stockings. The athletes of the German Ski Association put the high-tech materials to the test under extreme conditions during training and in competitions.


Top performance powered by medi & CEP

Compression made in Germany: medi and the DSV athletes work towards success together. medi supports the ski stars so that they can give their best performance, recuperate properly and recover quickly if they suffer injuries.

Top performance and top products made in Germany

German athletes trust in high-tech products by medi & CEP

Fleet-footed brand ambassadors

Through their world-class performance and achievements the DSV athletes demonstrate our products while showing their sporting prowess. Both their experiences and their confidence in our high-tech products are invaluable to medi.

Official supplier of the German national skiing team

More than 500 athletes, team staff and officials are equipped with medi sport bandages and supports every year.


At the annual presentation of team clothing, the national teams Nordisch and Biathlon were also equipped with medi and CEP compression garments.


The DSV has been very impressed with the high-tech products made in Bayreuth for more than 12 years now.

Hungry for gold with high-tech products made in Germany

Peak skiing performance that feels good

“We benefit directly from the collaboration with medi. The high-tech products with their perfect fit are comfortable to wear and secure when jumping because the compression supports our muscles and increases the blood flow. This is particularly useful during a long world cup weekend.” 

Eric Frenzel, Nordic combined athlete


Interview with K. Horchler
“The allure of the biathlon? The rapid switch between power and concentration”

Interview with Karolin Horchler

As a competitive athlete it’s particularly important to be able to give 100% power all the time. But persistent shin problems often stood in Karolin’s way. Her options: either give up or get medical help. She decided to continue and have surgery on both shins. Now Karolin is ready to go at full power. Her reliable companion during the rehabilitation? The medi Rehab® one medical compression stockings.

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Getting ready for winter with medi & CEP: Impressions of the german cross-country skiers' summer workouts