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Innovative 3D foot orthoses for patients with Pes planovalgus
  • Unique design for natural locomotion
  • Stabilizes the longitudinal arch
  • With spring effect during the push-off phase
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bow®: 3D printed foot orthotics for natural locomotion

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bow® by medi is a unique foot orthotic that is especially suitable for foot malpositions such as Pes planovalgus. The 3D printed device is made of lightweight materials and can be worn in various types of footwear, from everyday shoes to trainers. The medical retail specialist adapts bow to the individual needs and requirements of the patient. The special feature of this foot orthosis: it is the world's first that mimics the natural windlass mechanism.

This mechanism revolves around tensing the longitudinal arch: If the toes are dorsiflexed before the foot pushes off the ground when walking and running, the distance from the distal ends of the metatarsals to the calcaneus is shortened. The plantar fascia tenses and the longitudinal arch is elevated, as with a bow whose curvature increases when it is drawn, while the string is shortened 1.

When the foot performs a heel-toe gait, supination occurs and the midfoot and hindfoot are elevated with bow. Thanks to this, the longitudinal arch of the foot is stabilized – perfect for users with Pes planovalgus. Additionally, the foot orthotic supports the natural function of the foot in every step. It promotes a natural course of movement throughout the entire contact phase.

The big plus of bow compared to other traditional foot orthotics: It supports you throughout the initial and mid stance phase, as well as through to the initial swing phase and mimics the natural windlass mechanism 2. Here, bow stores the mechanical energy that is subsequently released in forward motion. This bow effect gives you a noticeable extra spring in your step when walking or running. This really boosts the energy in anyone’s feet!

Product features
  • Unique design for natural locomotion
  • Promotes energy return when walking
  • Comfortable to wear thanks to its functional design
  • Lightweight materials for a low self-weight
  • Space-saving thanks to its slim design
  • Based on innovative 3D printing technology
  • Resource-friendly production
Intended purpose

The orthotic blank is handed over to the supplying specialist groups. They build up a custom-made orthotic. This ensures that the patient's foot is treated according to the indication. The product features shown here vary according to the individual working practices of the medical retail specialist.

Goal setting
medi foot orthotics (medical devices) for the functional care/treatment of foot deformities.
  • Valgus foot
  • Fallen arches
  • Pes planovalgus
  • Hallux rigidus
  • Diabetes
  • Neuropathy
  • Pes cavus
  • Planatar calcaneal spur
  • Pronounced metatarsalgia
bow ® by medi – It’s bow motion!
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1 Schwering L. Die Plantaraponeurose und der Seilwindenmechanismus des Fußes. Orthopädieschuhtechnik 2016;16(2):20–23.
2 Stief T, Sprekelmeyer T. Einfluss einer 3D-gedruckten Sporteinlage auf die Rückfußbelastung während des Laufens. Sports Orthop. Traumatol. 2020;32:195.