Thumb orthoses

The special position of the thumb means that humans need it for almost every activity. That is why a limited thumb joint is a major handicap in everyday life. Thumb orthoses calm the joint, relieve pain – and can thus contribute to a speedy recovery process.

Thumb supports from medi

Thumb orthoses from medi: Immobilise the thumb joint

If the thumb joint is inflamed or injured, every little movement hurts. The thumb orthosis immobilises the base of the thumb and the saddle joint and relieves pain: It occurs, for example, with rhizarthrosis (arthrosis on the thumb), ligament lesions or irritations of the thumb joint. 

If medically necessary, the doctor can prescribe a medi thumb orthosis. He or she will advise you as to when and for how long a thumb splint will be useful for you. 

The medi thumb orthosis is easy to put on

The orthopaedic technician in the medical supply store can adapt the orthosis individually to the patient's hand.

The orthosis is comfortable to wear and does not exert any pressure on a sensitive surgical scar due to the aluminium construction. The Rhizomed  available in four different sizes for the right and left hand.