medi Therapy Concept Lymphology

Therapy Concept Lymphology

Effective lymphoedema treatment

The medi Therapy Concept Lymphology offers indication-adapted care for each phase of lymphoedema treatment – from decongestion to the transition phase to long-term maintenance of therapy success.

Individual treatment

The medi Therapy Concept Lymphology offers patient-individual solutions adapted to the patient´s individual requirements and adapted to each therapy phase.

Self-management plays an important role in the treatment of lymphoedema – within each therapy phase medi products enable the patient to self manage and thus contributes to long-term treatment success.

3 phases

Therapy Concept Lymphology phases
  1. Phase: Decongestion

    Adjustable compression devices for initial oedema reduction.

    circaid reduction kit

  2. Phase: Transition

    Effective compression devices to optimise decongestion results.

    circaid juxtafit

  3. Phase: Maintenance

    Huge variety of compression garments to maintain therapy results in the long term.

    mediven flatknit
    circaid juxtafit


Decongestion phase

Intensive therapy phase for reducing arm or leg circumferences.

circaid® reduction kit

Transition phase

Following intensive therapy a period of transition management before progressing to long-term therapy.

circaid® juxtafit®

Maintenance phase

Long-term management of lymphoedema maintaining best therapy results.

Maintenance products

Great reduction results during decongestion phase

Phase 1 – Decongestion

circaid reduction kit – the alternative to traditional compression bandaging – enables a new approach for the initial reduction of lymphoedema.

Initially customised to the patient´s individual circumferences and limb shape, the product can be adjusted to decreasing circumferences. Thanks to the possibility to adjust, control and readjust the tension levels, circaid reduction kit allows for effective decongestion. Its easy handling enables patients to self-manage and also relieves everyday practice of healthcare professionals.

Effective compression devices for optimising decongestion results

Phase 2 – Transition

Following intensive therapy, some patients may benefit from a transition phase, where oedema reduction results achieved during the decongestion phase can be optimised before moving on to the maintenance phase.

Again, the patient can independently apply and remove the circaid juxtafit device easily, instilling a level of independence. The adjustable circaid juxtafit products encourage patient empowerment.

Compression garments for maintaining therapy results

Circaid Juxtafit Mediven 550

Phase 3 – Maintenance

During the maintenance phase, patients with lymphoedema normally wear flat-knit compression stockings. The combination of fashion and medical efficacy in the flat knit mediven compression garments increase concordance among patients. With the mediven flat knit products the patient has a great choice of fashionable products.

medi also offers an alternative for those patients who have challenges with well known medical compression stockings  - circaid juxtafit. Its easy donning and doffing makes this adjustable compression device a solution for the long-term maintenance phase in the treatment of lymphoedema.

Videos - Helpful manuals for medical professionals and patients

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Putting on and taking off medical compression stockings is much easier with donning and doffing aids.

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medi Therapy Concept Lymphology

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