circaid juxtafit

circaid® juxtafit® essentials arm

Adjustable compression device for the arm

  • Easy to set and control therapeutic pressure
  • Also suitable for night-time use
  • Latex free for skin friendly wearing comfort

  Medical specifications

Optimising and maintaining decongestion results in the treatment of arm lymphoedema

The circaid juxtafit essentials arm garment is an adjustable compression device for optimising and maintaining therapy results achieved in the decongestion phase. With a high wall-stability it offers optimum compression for mild to severe lymphoedema. Thanks to the integrated Built-in-Pressure System (BPS) the required compression range can be set precisely as well as controled and re-adjusted at any time. Its easy donning and doffing makes circaid juxtafit an alternative for those patients who have challenges with the established flat knitted compression stockings in the maintenance phase of arm  lymphoedema.

(1)  Mosti G et al. Adjustable compression wrap devices are cheaper and more effective than inelastic Bandages for venous leg ulcer healing. A Multicentric Italian Randomized Clinical Experience. Phlebology 2019. DOI: 10.1177/0268355519858439; Epub ahead of print.
(2) Stather PW et al. Review of adjustable velcro wrap devices for venous ulceration. In Wound J 2019. DOI: 10.1111/iwj.13116; Epub ahead of print.
(3) Lymphoedema Framework. Best Practice for the Management of Lymphoedema.International consensus. London: MEP Ltd, 2006.


Product benefits

  • Easy handling – simple donning and doffing
  • circaid Built-In-Pressure System (BPS): adjustable, measurable and re-adjustable compression
  • Re-adjustability of the individual bands avoids pressure loss and thus sliding down of the garment (1,2)
  • Inelastic material with high wall-stability for high working pressure
  • Latex-free, odour-inhibiting material with anti-bacterial effect
  • Available in standard sizes and as made-to-measure


  • Offering an alternative therapy solution for patients who are not able to apply or tolerate compression armsleeves
  • Compression therapy – essential part of the complex lymphoedema therapy (3)
  • Easy handling allows for self-management of the patient
  • Optimum addition to medical compression stockings – attractive armsleeves during the day and night compression with circaid garments
  • Compression solution for optimising decongestion results and stabilising oedema fluctuations

Intended purpose

The compression system is designed to provide compression to the arm for patients with venous and lymphatic disorders. 


Standard colours

Material components

53% Nylon
40% Polyurethane
7% Elastane



Compression class

10 - 20 mmHg
20-30 mmHg
30-40 mmHg


Extra short

Medical specifications


  • Lymphödem
  • andere Formen von Ödemen


  • Fortgeschrittene periphere arterielle Verschlusskrankheit
  • Dekompensierte Herzinsuffizienz
  • Septische Phlebitis
  • Phlegmasia coerulea dolens
  • Unbehandelte Infektion des Beines und / oder des Fußes
  • Jeder Umstand, bei dem erhöhter venöser oder lymphatische Rückfluss unerwünscht ist
  • Verdacht auf oder bekannte unbehandelte akute tiefe Beinvenenthrombose

Besondere Aufmerksamkeit bei

  • Leichter oder mittelschwerer peripherer arterieller Verschlusskrankheit
  • Eingeschränkter Wahrnehmungsfähigkeit - der Patient muss in der Lage sein, die Kompressionsstärke wahrzunehmen
  • Unverträglichkeit auf eines der eingesetzten Materialien
  • Einsatz bei Kindern und hilfsbedürftigen Patienten - Patienten müssen in der Lage sein, die applizierte Kompressionsstärke wahrzunehmen und zu kommunizieren 

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circaid® juxtafit® essentials hand wrap

circaid® juxtafit® essentials glove

circaid® juxtafit® essentials arm donning and doffing

circaid® juxtafit® essentials glove with dorsum strap

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