medi night Creme 150mlmedi night Creme 150ml
medi night Creme 150mlmedi night Creme 150ml

medi night

Skin care cream with regenerative Hamamelis
  • To soothe and rejuvenate during the night
  • Soothes the skin
  • Supports regeneration

medi night cream: to soothe and rejuvenate after a day in compression stockings

Skin that has been stressed during the day by the compression stocking regenerates during the night. You can support this with the skin care cream medi night. Apply the special care cream for the legs after taking the stockings off and massage it gently into the skin: Hamamelis can contribute to making the vessel walls stronger, while jojoba oil soothes the skin. This way, the night is particularly restful – so you can start the next day of venous therapy fit and relaxed.

Product features
  • Helps your stressed skin to regenerate 
  • With jojoba oil to sooth the outer skin layer 
  • Available as 50 ml and 150 ml tubes
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