Skin care

The medi skincare products for venous and oedema patients contain substances that are precisely tailored to compression therapy. Careful skincare improves a patient’s overall wellbeing.

Skin care products for soothing compression therapy

Skincare products for effective therapy with compression stockings

Dry, itchy skin and a “fluttering” sensation when you take off your compression stockings after a long day. Do you know what we mean? This means that your skin has lost its natural balance. What can you do? The solution is really easy: Regular skincare. And if you need a breath of fresh air in the summer, use medi fresh.

  • medi day Pflegegel 150ml
    medi day

    Cooling gel with horse chestnut

  • medi night Creme 150ml
    medi night

    Skin care cream with regenerative Hamamelis

  • medi fresh Spray 100ml
    medi fresh

    Refreshing spray with menthol

  • medi soft Schaum Produktbild
    medi soft

    Skin care with horse chestnut and 10 percent urea

Skincare: Skincare products that are tailored to the skin and hosiery of venous and oedema patients

Venous patients can go easy on their skin with skincare products from this specialist medical retailer: For example, using a cooling gel in the daytime and a regenerating cream at night helps improve your wellbeing. The active ingredients nourish, protect and support the skin – simply whilst wearing your medical compression stockings.

For patients with lymphatic conditions, daily skincare with special skincare products matters: Such patients’ skin is particularly sensitive, has a tendency to become dry and itchy and is prone to infection, inflammation and wound-healing issues. The medi care series can only be used on undamaged skin and helps to restore the skin’s balance.