Gynaecologists specialise in female healthcare

Gynaecologist: Gynaecologists specialise in female healthcare

What is a gynaecologist?

Specialist gynaecologists care for and treat women of all ages – from puberty to old age.

The practice focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases in women. Gynaecologists also care for pregnant women and monitor births and postpartum progress.

What do gynaecologists do: Responsibilities and treatment

Gynaecology services include family planning advice, treatment of diseases, monitoring of childbirths and therapy for cancer patients:

  • Contraception and family planning advice
  • Assessment of pregnancy, maternity care and obstetric care
  • Diagnosis and treatment of pregnancy complaints such as venous disorders, back pain and symphyseal pain
  • Prevention and detection of osteoporosis (bone loss) during menopause 
  • Cancer screening, tumour detection and gynaecological tumour treatment
  • Indication of surgical interventions in the genital area, abdomen and breast
  • Prevention and therapy for diseases and disorders of the female reproductive organs

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