Elbow orthoses

After an injury or surgery, it is important to support the joint. medi elbow orthoses promote the healing process. They are individually adjustable and specifically relieve the elbow.

Elbow supports

Therapy with elbow orthoses

Our elbows are subjected to stress every day: Writing, lifting or sport place various demands on the joint. In the case of elbow pain, after an injury (for example, a fracture of the head of the radius, dislocation of the elbow) or after surgery, it is important to support the joint. medi's elbow orthoses can be adjusted individually and specifically relieve strain on the elbow.

If medically necessary, the doctor can prescribe an elbow orthosis. He or she will tell you how long to wear the orthosis. 

Reliably relieve the elbow joint and gradually mobilise it

A healthy elbow joint can be bent, stretched and rotated effortlessly. In the case of pain and injuries, medi's elbow orthoses provide a strain-relieving posture of the arm and promote the healing process. The well-thought-out construction and choice of materials allow for a comfortable fit. The orthosis can be individually adapted to the arm and to the therapy.