Soft supports

Relieve and stabilise the muscles and joints for various complaints of the back, arms and legs

Soft supports from medi

Soft supports from medi

The indications for medi's supports are widespread: from sports injuries and joint conditions to preventive supports for sports. Supports from medi can considerably relieve pain in the shoulder, arm, hand, knee and foot as well as promote mobility.

Actions of medi supports

Supports from medi are marked primarily by high comfort in wear, user-friendliness and suitability for the purpose intended. medi's innovative products act to promote mobility, relieve stresses, control function and activate the affected joints. The innovative technologies developed by medi make a major contribution to this.

The supports from medi are made of moisture transporting and active breathing Clima Comfort fabric. This ensures a pleasant feeling on the skin when wearing them: the fabric reliably absorbs sweat and moisture and transports it to the outer surface to evaporate. In addition to their supporting function, medi's supports exert gentle compression (medi compression technology) on the affected joint. This effectively reduces swelling and bruising.

Many patients with restricted mobility find it difficult to put supports on. The highly-elastic knit makes them easy to apply. Supports are normally worn all day long and only taken off when sitting for a long time or at night. Comfort Zone technology ensures that the supports do not cut into the skin: soft zones in the sensitive flexion areas make sure that the support remains comfortable, even when worn all day. The result: soothing pain relief for joint conditions and sports injuries that simply feels good.