Wrist supports

Wrist supports immobilise the wrist or thumb joint for a certain period of time. Thus, depending on the medical diagnosis, they can relieve pain, support or stabilise. Even in the case of injuries, supports promote the regeneration of the joint.

Wrist supports from medi

Quickly get "everything under control" again with these wrist supports

medi offers high-quality hand supports for indication-based therapy. The products can support the healing process and feature exceptional wearing comfort and easy handling. Wrist supports exert targeted pressure on tendons and muscles on the forearm. This relieves the muscular apparatus and thus pain. 

If medically necessary, the doctor can prescribe a medi knee support.

Wrist supports: Gently relieve the wrist and mobilize it again

Wrist supports are used for all indications that require support of the wrist with a reinforcement or pad, for example:

Simply feel good with the wrist supports from medi

medi supports for the wrist are easy to put on and take off. Nevertheless, they sit securely and comfortably on the joint. Odour-inhibiting and breathable materials with the Clima Fresh and Clima Comfort functions transport moisture directly to the outside: for wearing comfort all day – at work and during leisure time or sports.