Variations and designs with medi compression stockings

For treatment as individual as the patient

Variations and designs with medi compression stockings

mediven diversity to ensure successful therapy with medical compression stockings

This is how therapy works with medi: If medical compression stockings are comfortable and visually appealing, patients will wear them regularly – in line with therapy.

Every person is different. Illnesses can be very different. The resulting needs in terms of materials, variations and functionality depend on the particular illness in question. Patients benefit from the mediven variety on offer and the different versions available: A custom-made panty top, specially designed toes sections and the large selection of topbands are just a few examples.

From many years of experience and a process of exchange with our users, we have learned that fashion demands and that the feel-good factor also play a major role in the day-to-day wearing of medical compression stockings. This is why we also focus our attention during product development on delivering the best possible user comfort, for example with special anti-slip segments. If you like it colourful and fashionable, you can combine numerous colours, patterns and crystal motifs or create an attractive silhouette with our “bottom shaping” product range.

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