Bottom shaping: Nice bottom in compression tights

Optimal fit for a feminine silhouette

Bottom shaping: Nice bottom in compression tights

Compression tights with shaping effect for lip- and lymphoedema patients

The bottom shaping panty top is an attractive addition to lip- and lymphoedema therapy with medical compression tights. The shaping effect is intended to improve the user’s self-confidence.

The special knit technology used for bottom shaping gently lifts the bottom. It also supports and forms an attractive curve shape thanks to special indents. The addition is an invisible figure enhancer, which gently shapes the buttocks.

The idea to develop bottom shaping products came directly from patients of medi: They wanted a more attractive “rear view”.

A new femininity in lipoedema and lymphedema therapy

Bottom shaping: Oedema therapy as individual as the users themselves

The bottom shaping panty top meets all the requirements of an indication-appropriate fitting and offers genuine user comfort. The fashionable addition is available for mediven 550 and mediven cosy trouser variations. It can be chosen as an option for the standard version of the 3D panty top.

For this purpose, the specialist retailer determines the necessary measurements and notes the bottom shaping panty top as an addition in the order documents. The bottom shaping option is available for all stocking variations with waistband or perforated band.