Variations for mediven compression tights

Variety in therapy 

Panty tops for compression stockings

mediven® compression tights in different designs

Besides compression stockings, there are also compression tights. Depending on the anatomy or special requirements in question, medi offers different panty tops for compression tights.  

Years of experience in conjunction with feedback from patients, doctors and medical supply stores have contributed to the fact that medi today is able to offer a large number of patient-specific solutions.  

We’d like to present you with some examples. Let your medical supply store advise you on the complete range.

Tights with compressive panty top

For patients with, for example, a large panty top circumference or pelvic vein thrombosis, medi offers compression tights with a compressive panty top section.

Maternity pants for pregnant women

Accompanies expectant mothers throughout their entire pregnancy: The mediven maternity pants grow along with your baby tummy.

Maternity pantytop for mediven plus

New: optimised maternity pantytop for mediven cosy

  • Elasticated upper zone: adapts to the growing bump – for comfort throughout the entire pregnancy
  • Bottom zone supports the growing pregnancy bump
  • Elasticated transition area to the thigh, for optimal support – the body belt doesn’t ride up

Special panty tops for compression tights

medi also has various options available with special panty tops for patients with stoma, permanent catheters or upper extremity thromboses. These are just a few examples:  

  • Trousers with stoma opening: With recess in the panty top for a stoma 
  • One-leg trousers: As an alternative to fixing at the hip or topband and for upper extremity thromboses  
  • Trousers with open crotch: For severely restricted mobility, incontinence, permanent catheters and gynaecological mycoses 
  • Different gusset variations: For custom-made trousers 
  • Men’s trousers: Anatomically shaped for enhanced user comfort, also with opening 

Trouser ends: Perfection, right up to the waistband

For the greatest possible degree of user comfort, the patient can choose between different trouser ends (cuffs) for flat-knit fittings.