How to look after compression stockings correctly

Wash and wear your stockings daily

How to look after compression stockings correctly

How do I take care of my compression stockings?

Medical compression stockings are part of your everyday life as well as part of therapy. There’s a lot you can do to ensure that your stockings remain undamaged and remain fully effective until they are replaced in six months’ time. We recommend special care products which are gentle on the knitted fabric.

How often should I wash my compression stockings?

Please wash your stockings every evening after taking them off. On the one hand, for hygienic reasons, so that odour and bacteria get no foothold. On the other hand, to ensure that the material remains effective: After washing and drying, the stockings regain their original elasticity and thus their compression.

What do I have to consider when washing my compression stockings?

Wash your compression stockings separately or with garments of the same colour in the washing machine at a temperature of 30 or 40 degrees. Please wash them on a gentle wash cycle. Use a simple colour detergent without brighteners. Never use fabric softeners. Spin your stockings at a maximum of 1,200 revolutions per minute.

medi clean

If you wash your compression stockings by hand, we recommend our medi clean handwash. It cleans gently and maintains the colour of the medical compression stockings.

Please note that you should turn compression stockings with crystal motifs “inside out” before washing and place them in a laundry net. You mustn’t wring out compression stockings after washing, but gently press the water out into a towel. Do not leave wet stockings in wet towels after washing.

Can I tumble-dry compression stockings?

medi compression stockings are suitable for tumble-drying. Please also use only a gentle cycle or low setting. You can also let your stockings air-dry. Do not leave your stockings in the sun to dry, and under no circumstances on a radiator or heater.

Rubber gloves are helpful not only when putting on the stockings: they also protect the material and prevent you from getting caught by your fingernails or a ring. If you put on your compression stockings without gloves, you should remove your jewellery from your hands and wrists. Be careful when opening and closing shoes with zip or Velcro fasteners.