Adjustable compression devices

medi offers one of the most comprehensive assortments of compression products allowing for patient-individual therapy of venous and lymphatic diseases. In addition to the established round and flat knitted mediven compression stockings medi also offers adjustable compression devices: circaid.

circaid - adjustable compression devices
Patient-individual compression

Patient-individual compression

circaid garments are an alternative to traditional short stretch and multi-layer bandage systems. Its possibility to set, control and to re-adjust compression ranges precisely makes circaid products unique. Thanks to the single juxtaposed bands an easy handling is ensured and offers patients to actively take part in their therapy. Therefore circaid garments are also a solution for patients who have challenges with established medical compression stockings.

circaid products are available for phlebological and lymphatic disorders. 

circaid Built-In-Pressure System

Precise compression

The unique circaid Built-In-Pressure System offers adjustable, controllable and instantly re-adjustable compression. This enables consistent compression therapy and furthermore avoids sliding down of the garment.

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Die Giraffe als tierische Inspiration: Geschichte der circaid Produkte

The giraffe as inspiration by nature: History of the circaid products

The wife of the founder of circaid suffered from lymphoedema for years. The engineer and inventor absolutely wanted to help her and sprang into action himself. The result was the first patented circaid leg garment. The particular: The giraffe skin served the inventor as a model for an imaginative compression system.

Giraffes and compression – the whole story

circaid® products for the therapy of venous indications

Within the treatment of venous diseases compression is the basic therapy. Venous diseases appear in different severity and forms - from spider veins to leg ulcers.


The circaid product range offers two options matched to the patient-individual needs and required therapy.

circaid juxtacures
Reducing venous oedema

circaid® juxtacures®

After initially being customised to the patient’s individual cirumferences and shape it can be adjusted to decreasing limb circumferences.

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circaid juxtalite
Compression without oedema

circaid® juxtalite®

The ready-made adjustable compression device is the alternative compression solution for patients who have challenges with medical compression stockings. 

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circaid® products for the treatment of lymphatic disorders

Compression therapy is one of the most important corner stones of lymphoedema treatment. Starting with the initial decongestion phase up to optimising and maintaining therapy results.


medi offers two specialised circaid products – for every phase of lymphoedema treatment.

circaid reduction kit
Decongesting lymphoedema

circaid® reduction kit

circaid reduction kit is individually customised to the patient’s limb circumferences and shape. As soon as the leg or arm volume decreases the product can be adapted to the new measurements. 

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Circaid Juxtafit
Optimising and maintaining

circaid® juxtafit®

To optimise and maintain reduction results of arm or leg lymphoedema, circaid juxtafit comes into action . It is also an alternative for patients who have challenges with established flat knitted compression stockings.

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circaid juxtafit and mediven 550
Additional extras

circaid® accessories

Choose from a variety of circaid accessories for additional wearing comfort or a descrete look. 

circaid® accessories overview

circaid products are an essential part of medi´s guideline-compliant and patient-individual therapy concepts