igli – the right insole for every foot
Care that is tailored to the patient with the igli Flex principle

igli – the right insole for every foot

As every foot is unique, igli shoe insoles are designed to adapt to the foot, the shoe and the individual requirement. They guide and support your feet while providing maximum freedom of movement.

The igli Flex principle

igli insoles are based on a simple and effective principle: a flexible carbon chassis in combination with freely placeable elements – referred to as postings. igli maintains the foot’s natural mobility, while the insole supports and guides it with pinpoint precision.

The igli Flex principle

igli insoles are thus

  • custom-fitted
  • providing maximum freedom of movement
  • for targeted support.
The igli Flex principle

1. Carbon chassis

The special shape of the carbon brace is precisely adapted to the foot’s biomechanical movement patterns. Alongside the outstanding properties of carbon, the chassis provides the basis for any carbon insole.

2. Postings

Different shapes and sizes as well as the variable placement of the postings on the carbon brace allow for a custom-fitted insert that can be adapted to precisely suit your personal requirements.

What are insoles used for?

Foot deformities cause ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones to become unbalanced. Long-term incorrect or excessive strain can lead to various complaints, for example in the knee joint or back.

igli shoe insoles support and correct the foot to reduce strain and rebalance the foot.

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What are insoles used for?

What makes igli carbon insoles so special?

When custom-fitting the insole, the expert can take into account the user’s individual needs and perfectly adjust the mode of action.

What makes igli carbon insoles so special?
  1. Transverse arch support

    Raising the arch of the foot

  2. Supination area

    Pronation correction

  3. Pronation area

    Supination correction

  4. Longitudinal arch support

    Straightening of the rear of the foot

  5. Optional outer support

    Stabilisation of the rear of the foot

The igli story

From a clever care idea for children’s feet to an innovative all-round concept

Children’s feet were the initial inspiration for all igli insoles. With their fast-growing feet, little patients place very special demands on flexible insole care. Children’s feet also need the freedom to move and develop. Its diverse options and simple handling turned the original idea into a universal principle – including for adults today.

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Note: Insoles are medical devices for specific malposition’s or poor alignment of the patients’ feet.