medi Ankle sport brace* in professional sport

Interview with Andreas Seiferth

medi Ankle sport brace*

“As an athlete, I want to be able to concentrate completely on training or the game, and not worry about my ligaments.”

Professional sport requires big commitment and strains the joints a lot. Already at a young, Andreas Seiferth, center player at medi bayreuth and German national player, had ankle joint injuries several times. For him, the new medi Ankle sport brace is a useful companion.

When did you start using the medi ASB* ankle brace?

“I have been using it since spring 2017.”

What were your main reasons for using it?

“When I was a teenager I often sprained a ligament in my ankle during sports. Since then I have been wearing stabilising products to relieve the ankle and ligaments. This has now become a habit for me. It is also recommended to use such products as a professional athlete, from an insurance perspective. It was the head of medi’s orthopaedic product management, Dirk Vogel, who introduced me to the medi Ankle sport brace*.”

What do you find particularly important for a brace like this?

“The most important thing is a slim design so that you feel the brace as little as possible in your shoe and your movements are not hindered in any way. As a basketball player one constantly makes quick, sudden movements. So it’s very important that the foot sits well in the shoe, even with a brace on. Ideally, it should be like a well-fitting inner shoe. As well as the good fit, protection against any twists is also crucial. The ankle and ligaments should be as secure and protected as possible. As an athlete, I want to be able to concentrate completely on training or the game, and not worry about my ligaments. The medi ASB* is the perfect product for this.”

What features of the medi ASB* do you appreciate in particular?

“The slim design, its adjustability and the secure feel. These are all very good qualities.”

When do you use the brace? When training? In your spare time? At competitions?

“All of the above. I mostly wear it when training with the team or as part of the individual preparation for the next game. But I also use it in competitions. I am very happy with the medi ASB*. I would like to emphasise the composition of materials. The brace is very lightweight and you don’t sweat when wearing it.”

Do you wear it with all the accessories?

“I wear it with all accessories when there is excessive strain or when I am injured. But that’s rare. I usually wear the medi ASB* without the stabilising elements. The basic frame with lacing and taping is usually enough and gives me enough stability and the necessary mobility.”

Health personnel will make the diagnosis and can prescribe medical aids, e.g. from medi if necessary.
Your medical retailer will fit them individually for you.


Intended purpose:

*medi Ankle sport brace is an adjustable ankle brace for stabilisation in one plane.