Company culture at medi

Working towards our goals together and sharing joy in our success

Company culture at medi

Our company culture puts employees first

Our employees enrich our company with their diverse talents, experience, knowledge and personalities. We want them to enjoy their jobs at medi – because the only way for us to achieve top results and successfully shape the market is by working together.

Our mission is to use this foundation to drive medi’s success story forward as we grow in partnership with our employees and safeguard the future. To achieve this, we’re looking for people who take pleasure in their work, have plenty of team spirit and – above all – think in a consistently solution-oriented way: People who get things done – with heart!

The “medi spirit”: A company culture that connects us

Our customers and business partners have also noticed the special atmosphere at medi – our “medi spirit”. This describes the company culture that connects us – it’s at the heart of everything we do and everything we project to the world. It’s

  • an appreciation that we show for our surroundings,
  • a sense of motivation and joy in achievement,
  • a positive outlook on everything and
  • a sense of community that results from all of the above.

“Solution-oriented” – what does that mean, exactly?

When we talk about the “medi solution culture”, what we mean is: Recognising challenges, quickly starting to reflect on them either independently or with others, suggesting improvements and implementing them promptly. A logical consequence of this attitude is a reduction in frustration, aggravation and stress.

Kerstin Heim

“For medi, a ‘solution culture’ is the key to increased efficiency, success, satisfaction and above all health. Day after day, we have to deal with a multitude of different tasks. If we think primarily in terms of solutions, it makes us faster and more competitive.”

Kerstin Heim, Head of Human Resources 

Checklist: Are you thinking in a solution-oriented way?

medi is the right employer for you if:

  • You’re excited and ambitious, and would love to throw yourself into current and future challenges.
  • You have innovative ideas that you’d like to transform into reality, enjoy thinking creatively and are able to see past habitual patterns of thought and action.
  • You are an open-minded, courageous and empathetic person.
  • You think positively and look for solutions.
  • You are highly motivated and would like to help implement our vision on the basis of our slogan, “I feel better” – in other words, tangibly improve the lives of people around the world.