igli carbon foot orthotics: dynamic support for your feet

igli carbon foot orthotics are highly specialised orthopaedic aids for both adults and children. The flexible foot orthotics support every movement and can help optimise patterns of movement and posture. Click here for an overview of the products.

Igli carbon foot orthotics: interactive carbon insoles

igli by medi: carbon foot orthotics support your foot without being restrictive

igli by medi – foot orthotics that integrate perfectly into both children’s and adults’ shoes. The carbon foot orthotics support the feet while maintaining their natural mobility. Thanks to the postings, igli foot orthotics can be easily and quickly adjusted – right on your foot. The carbon foot orthotics were developed in consultation with doctors and physiotherapists.

igli foot orthotics made of carbon: customised care for complaints, prevention or sports

The tried-and-tested igli Flex principle takes into account all the aspects of a flexible foot orthotic fitting: igli foot orthotics combine different materials to enable variable shapes and types of foot support. They can thus be used for a wide range of indications and requirement principles, whether for the customised care of complaints, prevention or sports.

igli foot orthotics for children

Providing children with orthopaedic aids is a very special challenge. This is because when children become too aware of the press of an foot orthotics, they dislike wearing them. Children’s feet have very special requirements starting from the age of six: although their growing feet change quickly, igli foot orthotics can be professionally fitted just as quickly.
This challenge was incidentally the inspiration for the development of igli by medi insoles.

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