igli Active

High-quality carbon insole for active people

  • Forefoot and heel cushions for damping
  • Lowering of the big toe
  • Cover made of 100% microfibre

  Medical specifications

igli Active: Extra soft carbon insole for active people

The igli Active carbon insoles consist of cushions for the forefoot and the heel. The forefoot cushion relieves the metatarsal bones In turn, the heel cushion damps the forces that occur on foot strike. A recess in the forefoot of the insole also makes it possible to lower the big toes. The cover of the product is made of 100% microfibre - the extra soft material ensures a pleasant wearing feeling.

The igli Active insoles are particularly suitable for active people and are suitable for sport shoes (including hiking boots, for example) or everyday shoes.

  • This is supported by your health insurance
  • Prescribed by a doctor


Product benefits

  • The forefoot cushion provides relief for the metatarsals
  • The heel cushion dampens force during walking
  • Supports the arch of the foot and helps individually correct the foot position
  • Enables lasting treatment success via free range of motion with targeted support.
  • Influences joint position, and body posture

Intended purpose

Medical device insole: Insoles are medical devices for specific malposition’s or poor alignment of the patients’ feet.


Material components

microfiber black
EVA magenta (approx. 30° Shore A)
TOP Flex blue (approx. 10 – 15° Shore A)
TOP Flex blue (approx. 10 – 15° Shore A)
TOP Flex blue (approx. 10 – 15° Shore A)

metatarsal pad
EVA black (approx. 30° Shore A)

postings (approx. 50° Shore A)


35/36 – 47/48

Medical specifications


  • Hallux valgus
  • Pes cavus
  • Pes valgus
  • Fallen arches
  • Flat foot
  • Splay foot
  • Patellar tendinitis


igli carbon insoles are contraindicated for diabetes and neuropathy. Do not wear the insoles if you have an open wound on your foot.

Absolute Contraindications

  • Diabetes
  • Neuropathies
  • Parkinson
  • Severe foot deformity

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