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Ankle pain

Ankle joint pain can have very different causes, for example an injury or inflammation. Ankle fracture is a common ankle injury in accidents. Sprains, torn ligaments or tendon irritation are also very painful. Get an overview.


Achillodynia: pain in the Achilles tendon

Do you feel pain just above your heel? Perhaps the area is also excessively hot and swollen? These could be symptoms of achillodynia. This is how doctors refer to the pain syndrome in the Achilles tendon, which can have different manifestations. Find out what causes achillodynia and how the pain can be successfully treated.

Achillodynia – Causes and treatment

Treatment of achilles tendon rupture

Achilles tendon rupture: when the strongest tendon tears

Many an athlete has experienced this: a popping sound, a fall and then its over – the Achilles tendon is torn. It is the strongest tendon in the human body – and you cannot run with a torn Achilles tendon. What should you do now? Is surgery necessary? Learn about the options available for treating a ruptured Achilles tendon.

What helps with an Achilles tendon rupture?
Fractured ankle

You rolled your ankle and now it’s fractured! What can you do about it?

You tripped, slipped, rolled your ankle and now the ligaments are torn or your ankle is fractured. The extent of the injury due to a rolled ankle ranges from overstretching of the ligaments to a broken bone. An ankle fracture is a typical accidental injury – whether it happens during sports or in everyday life. The type and duration of rehabilitation varies greatly depending the severity the injury. Learn more about the therapy options.

Everything you need to know about ankle fractures
Sprains – a common sports injury

Sprains – a common sports injury

Sprains occur when the joint capsule or the surrounding ligaments and muscles are excessively overstretched due to an unfavourable movement. Sprain symptoms include bruising and swelling around the affected joint, as well as pain and limited joint mobility.

More about ankle sprains
Anatomy of the ankle

Anatomy: Structure of the ankle joint

The ankle consists of the upper and lower ankle joints: the upper ankle joint comprises the articulation of the tibia and fibula with the talus (ankle bone). The lower ankle joint is located between the ankle bone, the heel bone and the navicular bone. Various ligaments and tendons connect these five bones and stabilise the joint, so that our feet can carry us through life and we can bend it, stretch it and move it to the side.

medi ankle supports and braces

Supports and orthoses to alleviate ankle pain

If your ankle joint is injured, medical aids can be very helpful in the rehabilitation process. A wide range of options are available: depending on the diagnosis, everything from supports for light reinforcement to sturdy immobilisation orthoses. 

Ankle orthoses

Ankle supports