Sports medicine specialist

Prevention and therapy of sports injuries

Sports medicine specialist: Prevention and therapy of sports injuries

What is a sports medicine specialist?

Sports medicine specialists treat sports injuries that occur in amateur and professional sports. Doctors who have completed specialist training, for example as orthopaedic surgeons, and further training in sports medicine may call themselves sports medicine specialists. They work in private practices as well as in clubs, sports associations, hospitals and rehabilitation centres.

What do sports medicine specialists do?

Sports medicine covers a wide range of treatments: it focuses on preventing, detecting and treating sports damage and injuries. This includes

Sports medicine specialists also examine how exercise, lack of exercise, training and sport affect both the healthy and the ill.

Many surgical and conservative methods are available, depending on the objective and focus of the treatment. A diverse range of treatment options and rehabilitation measures exists within sports medicine.


Health personnel will make the diagnosis and can prescribe medical aids, e.g. from medi if necessary.
Your medical retailer will fit them individually for you.