Neck braces

After an accident or in the case of rheumatic pain, a neck brace can immobilise the neck area, relieve pain and support healing. 

Neck braces from medi

Neck brace: Orthoses for stabilising the  cervical spine

Neck braces support the therapy of the cervical spine by stabilising and relieving strain on it, as well as immobilising the neck area. They are used, for example, for whiplash trauma, neck pain and tension.  

If medically necessary, the doctor can prescribe a medi neck brace. 

Neck braces support the neck structure

In addition to rheumatic complaints or whiplash trauma, there may be muscular weaknesses or incorrect posture which can also lead to problems of the cervical spine. The consequences may be a strained shoulder-neck area or headache, among other symptoms. In severe cases, dizziness, nausea, or noise in the ears can also occur. Anyone who has been affected by these symptoms for a longer period of time should consult a doctor. He or she will decide whether, when and for how long a brace will be useful to the patient.  

Seven vertebrae support the head: Cervical supports provide warmth, support and pain relief

The human cervical spine consists of seven vertebrae. The first cervical vertebra, also called the “atlas”, is particularly well known. It bears the weight of the entire head. Thanks to the strong neck and neck muscles, we can flexibly rotate our heads: the prerequisite for our wide horizontal field of vision.