Products for pregnant women

Products for pregnant women

How to support your back, legs, abdomen and feet during and after pregnancy.

So that you can fully enjoy your pregnancy

Becoming a mom is an exciting time for every woman: the feeling of joyful anticipation grows with every day. As the pregnancy progresses, symptoms such as swollen legs and back pain may occur. medi offers an extensive premium assortment of (medical) aids – for the time during and after pregnancy – to help expectant mothers and young mothers feel completely at ease. 

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All the best for your back during and after pregnancy

Lumbamed maternity

Pregnancy hormones cause ligaments to become softer and more elastic. The mother’s growing baby belly shifts the body’s centre of gravity. Her abdominal wall tightens and the load on the lumbar vertebra region increases. This can lead to back pain.

After pregnancy, it is important to help the body regenerate. The still elastic ligaments, for example, cause discomfort in the sacroiliac joints (sacrum and ilium joints). The lower part of the spinal column merges with the pelvis there. Since the body transitions from one axis (spinal column) to two axes (two legs) there, this area is particularly susceptible – even outside of pregnancy. The pain can radiate into the lumbar spine.

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Compression stockings – a blessing for the veins during pregnancy

Compression stockings – a blessing for the veins during pregnancy

Tired and swollen legs in the course of the day are a common side effect during the months of pregnancy. The expectant mother gradually gains weight. Her body produces more blood and the pressure in her veins increases. Many women first notice spider veins or varicose veins during pregnancy. The pressure of the stocking counteracts the leg muscles from the outside: during movement the muscles become tense, the veins between the muscles are compressed, and the venous valves close better. As a result, the blood is purposefully pumped to the heart. The swelling subsides. Medical compression stockings can relieve the strain on the legs and promote well-being. They can also reduce the risk of developing thrombosis during and after pregnancy.

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Foot orthotics support the feet during and after pregnancy

Foot orthotics support during and after pregnancy

The physical changes that occur during pregnancy can also affect your feet. Your feet have to carry you and your baby through the whole pregnancy. This can lead to changes in the foot and gait pattern. Overloading pain weakens the foot and affects body posture. This can cause pain in the back, knees and feet.  

The ligaments are also stretched and the longitudinal arch sometimes flattens. Foot pain, malposition, overloading and signs of fatigue often result.  

Learn how foot orthotics can help support, correct and relieve pressure on your feet – during and after pregnancy. 

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Skin care for your legs

Skin care for your legs

Dysfunction of the venous system – caused among other things by pregnancy – can also affect the surrounding skin tissue: your skin becomes more sensitive. Wearing a medical compression stocking every day can make your skin dry out. That’s why medi offers a special care range that pampers your legs during pregnancy. It supplies your skin with moisture: the daytime gel refreshes, while night-time gel helps your skin regenerate. And for in between, there is a cooling spray you can spray directly onto the medi stocking while you wear it. The gentle foam lotion medi soft provides moisture around the clock.

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