Compression, orthoses and other products for pregnancy

Learn how compression stockings and orthosis can support you during pregnancy and how foot orthotics can help support, correct and relieve pressure on your feet.

Products for pregnancy

Medical aids for pregnant women: Support during and after pregnancy

For generations pregnant women have enjoyed the comfort of our products: The Lumbamed® maternity lumbar orthosis is used to stabilise the lumbar spine during pregnancy. The mediven® range with its wide selection of compression stockings and tights offers effective compression during pregnancy. A wide variety of extras and features, such as topbands and custom toe sections, turn the garments into your personal companions – for work and leisure. Donning aids such as the medi Long-Handled and medi Pantyhose Butlers make putting them on and off easier. Nourishing gels and creams for tired legs and other accessories are practical aids for compression therapy. By the way: foot orthotics can support your feet during and after pregnancy to make it easier for you to walk and stand in everyday life.

New: mediven cosy now available with optimised maternity pantytop!

Pregnancy tights by ITEM m6 – gentle compression for stomach, back and legs

ITEM m6's pregnancy tights for mums-to-be make every step towards your little miracle comfortably and easy. The gentle compression tights are specially designed for your body and its needs during pregnancy. This provides you and your baby with optimal support up until birth. The tights are available in 30 DEN and 50 DEN qualities. We recommend the tights from the fifth month of pregnancy.

ITEM m6 pregnancy tights provide relief for expectant mothers who have no medical indication for venous or oedema disorders.

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