medi footsupport Business slim

Foot orthotic for slim-fit business footwear
  • For comfort
  • Arch support
  • Functional top cover
Product variety
Material components
1 Hydrofresh embossed, sand
2 Top form (30° Shore A), black
3 Multi-layered shell
4 Carbon Therm / Fleece, black

A foot orthotic specially designed for slim-fit business footwear.

Do you need more comfort in your business footwear? Try our medi footsupport Business slim.

The foot orthotic offers excellent support and comfort in slim fashion and business shoes. A multi-layered core supports the foot arch, while the functional Hydrofresh top cover provides a fresh climate in the shoe.

This foot orthotic is sold in double sizes and can easily be trimmed with a scissor for a perfect fit in the shoe.

Product features
  • Slim version designed for slim shoes.
  • The functional Hydrofresh top cover provides a fresh shoe climate.
  • Multi-layered orthotic shell to support the foot arch.
  • Comfortable bedding for slim business shoes.
Intended purpose

medi foot orthotics (medical devices) for the functional care / treatment of foot deformities.

  • Pes planus 
  • Mild Pes valgus
  • Mild Pes transverse planus