Vein therapy gymnastics

Walk a lot, stand a little: Exercise is an effective way to prevent venous disease. If you lead a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, you should stand up more often and activate your leg muscles. Vein patients can also get their vein activity going with the help of gymnastics, thereby supporting their vein system.

Vein exercises

How to strengthen your veins with vein gymnastics

Vein gymnastics and sport get the veins going: The heart pumps our blood through the arteries and into the body. The blood flows back to the heart via the venous system.

The heart lacks the power, however, to ensure a return flow from the legs. This is why the leg muscles take over the task of pumping in the veins (calf muscle pump).

Activate your leg veins: Walk a lot, stand a little

Exercise is an effective way to prevent venous disease.

Exercise is an effective way to prevent venous disease. These sports, for example, are great for the veins and the muscle pump function:

If we don’t move much (or not at all), the blood can build up in the leg veins. The initial consequences are merely unpleasant, but these can develop into venous diseases:

Vein therapy gymnastics: Instructions for vein exercises suitable for everyday use when in a standing-, lying- and sitting position

In addition, blood flow can be improved through targeted venous gymnastics. You can do the following exercises while standing, lying down or sitting. Even in confined spaces, for example on an aeroplane, you can always do your legs some good.

Health personnel will make the diagnosis and can prescribe compression stockings, e.g. from medi if necessary.

Your medical retailer will fit them individually for you.