Feeling well despite springtime lethargy

Top up your tank with sun, fresh air and a healthy diet

Feeling well despite springtime lethargy

Springtime lethargy – is something entirely natural

Why do we often feel so tired and exhausted and lack drive despite Mother Nature’s long-awaited positive mood? This phenomenon is known as "springtime lethargy".

Although it's not an illness, doctors are very familiar with it: the organism is adapting to the changes in the weather and the increasingly long daylight hours. The body's rhythm changes and the increasing amount of sunlight causes hormonal changes in the body. Those who are affected experience this as symptoms of springtime lethargy. But here’s the good news: this loss of form will only last a couple of weeks at most – and then you can finally switch to full speed ahead! It's important to give the body back in spring what it missed during the winter: sun, fresh air and a diet rich in vitamins.

Out and about in the great outdoors: sunlight's good for the mood

We find it easier to get up in the mornings because it's gets light earlier. Use the morning hours for a lap of power walking or jogging and ride your bike to work instead of taking the car. Being out-of-doors regularly means you automatically top up on daylight. This sets you up for the day in a good mood, motivated and full of energy. Get out into the fresh air as often as possible: under the effects of daylight, the body synthesises the mood-lifting hormone serotonin – also known as the happy hormone – and inhibits the production of melatonin (sleep hormone). Stretch your "tired limbs" up to the sun as often as possible, even if it's still pretty chilly during the first few months of the year.

Compression garments for tired, heavy and swollen legs

And for those who also feel run down and heavy-footed because of tired, swollen legs, compression garments can help. medi's compression garments boost venous activity and keep the blood flowing. Welcome side-effect: revitalising the legs makes you feel better all over. And when you feel better, you move around more and if you move around more, you feel even better still ...

Get your circulation on the move

Short holiday from day-to-day life


Alternating hot & cold showers in the morning stimulate the circulation and ensure a good blood flow in the skin. It's best to always finish the shower with cold water.

A visit to the Finnish sauna, a Roman steam bath or treading cold water as taught by Kneipp are effective ways of banishing the winter blues naturally.

Caring for the skin with vital substances

The right skin care also plays an important role: it supplies the skin with vital substances over the long term. In winter, the skin is particularly stressed by the combination of dry air caused by central heating and the freezing outdoor temperatures. The skin now needs plenty of moisturising care to stay elastic and silky smooth. medi's skin care products are the ideal complement to turn dry winter skin into well cared for, spring-fresh skin.

You are what you eat: fresh, healthy food for more energy.

Treat your body to goodness from within and concentrate on eating fresh, healthy food. The body needs these nutrients for many metabolic processes that are activated more strongly in the spring. What's more: eating a light diet divided into several small portions a day makes it easier for the body to digest and helps the organism reach top speed again more quickly. You can enrich your diet with salads, fruit and vegetables. These contain important vitamins, roughage and minerals that the body needs, especially during the transition from winter to spring.

Summary: small rituals pep up your drive

  • Get out into the fresh air and enjoy the sun: light stimulates the synthesis of the mood-lifting hormone serotonin. which is also known as the happy hormone. This signals to the body that it's now time for more activity.
  • Take a short break from your daily routine: no matter whether it’s a trip to sauna, a spa or a relaxing massage – small doses of wellness heighten your well-being.
  • Give yourself a refreshing kick: freshly pressed juice, crispy vegetables or revitalising tea with ginger and peppermint activate the body from within.

Caution: if the symptoms persist until the summer or if your fitness diminishes in the long term, it is advisable to have a medical examination to make sure that the malaise is not being caused by a chronic illness.