Compression stockings for diseases afflicting the veins

The basic therapy for venous diseases is medical compression stockings. With great ambition, medi has been developing for many years specialised, fashionable compression stockings with a pleasant effect and high degree of user comfort. Here's an overview of the compression stockings for venous diseases.

Medical compression garments for venous therapy

Medical compression for women, men and pregnant women: Knee-highs, thigh-highs and pantyhose for vein therapy

Medical compression stockings are the basic therapy for complaints and diseases affecting the venous system. The length (knee-highs, thigh-highs or tights) is just as important as the compression class. Use the mediven stocking finder to find out which stocking suits you best. Note: The doctor treating you will decide which compression stockings are suitable for your individual vein therapy.

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Circular knit compression stockings and even more support in vein therapy

In principle, your doctor can prescribe medical compression stockings twice a year if deemed medically necessary. To ensure that your compression stockings feel like a second skin when worn, they are individually fitted – for example in a medical supply store.

For over 70 years, medi compression stockings have been continuously under development. In addition to delivering their therapeutic effect, the focus has always been on ensuring a perfect fit and high user comfort. Breathable and odour-inhibiting high-tech fibres also ensure a pleasant skin temperature.

mediven compression stockings for venous diseases offer even more, because they also come in a really fashionable look: The wide range of colours allows the perfect combination with different outfits – for every day life, business or formal occasions.

The visually appealing compression therapy from medi is also available for men: The men’s versions barely differ visually from “normal” fashionable stockings.

What’s more: For pregnant women, medi offers compression tights with a special upper section for the baby bump.