mediven® ulcer kit

Ulcer stocking system with 2 x 20 mmHg

  • Therapeutic effect, even at night
  • Antibacterial, odour-reducing effect
  • Easy donning of the liner and outer stocking

  Medical specifications

Effective compression therapy for the treatment of leg ulcer for up to 24 hours a day

Compression therapy is an important part of the treatment of venous leg ulcer. A  guideline compliant therapy recommends the use of ulcer stocking systems after the initial decongestion phase of the venous oedema.  The ulcer stocking system mediven ulcer kit provides continuous, effective compression around the clock and is easy to put on due to its two components. (1)

The white liner stocking mediven ulcer helps e.g. to keep wound dressings in place. With 20 mmHg compression pressure it can be worn for up to 24 hours and offers therapeutically effective therapy even at night.(2, 3) Its soft material with antibacterial effect ensures a pleasant wearing comfort and eases the donning of the outer stocking -  it simply glides over the liner stocking. (4)

During the day, in the mobile phases, the outer stocking mediven ulcer plus is worn in addition to increase the compression. With also of 20 mmHg of compression pressure the mediven ulcer kit provides the therapeutically necessary pressure of 40 mmHg in total (5). The caramel-coloured and opaque outer stocking also offers a refined appearance.

(1) Harding K et al. Simplifying venous leg ulcer management. Consensus recommendations. Wounds International 2015.
(2) Partsch H. Compression stockings for treating venous leg ulcers: measurement of interface pressure under a new ulcer kit, Phlebology 2008;23(1):40–46.
(3) Wolff O et al. The effect of compression ulcer stockings on the capillary filtration rate and the formation of oedema. Phlebologie 2011;5:245-250.
(4) Tickle J. Managing venous leg ulcers and oedema using compression hosiery. Nursing Standard 2015;30(8):57-63.
(5) Franks P et al. Management of Patients with Venous Leg Ulcer: Challenges and Current Best Practice , J Wound Care 2016;25 Suppl (6):1-67.


Product benefits

  • NEW liner stocking mediven® ulcer

  • • Therapeutically effective compression with 20 mmHg during the night. (2, 3)

  • • Flat topband will stay in place without constriction

  • • Soft material with antibacterial effect for pleasant wearing comfort and easy donning

  • • Sewn-in instep area allows for optimum fit and reduces wrinkling when foot is bent

  • • Special heel construction offers optimum pressure relief and colour marking for easy positioning

  • • mediven ulcer should be changed daily due to hygienic reasons - two liner stockings included as standard

  • • Suitable for washing machine (hot cycle up to 95°C) and dryer

  • Outer stocking mediven® ulcer plus

  • • Additional compression of 20 mmHg during the day.

  • • Wide topband ensures optimum wearing comfort

  • • Medium material strength for comfortable yet effective working pressure

  • • Comfortable plus-heel and reinforced foot sole for good durability

  • • Available as closed or open toe

  • • Suitable for washing machine (delicate wash cycle 40°C) and dryer

  • Benefits

  • • Already offers effective therapy overnight

  • • Fullfills the EWMA requirements regarding therapeutical necessary pressure (40 mmHg) (5)

  • • Easy donning – liner stocking material makes application of outer stocking easier (4)

  • • Antibacterial, odour-reducing effect of the liner stocking allows for optimum hygiene

  • • Refined appearance

  • • High wall stability thanks to double layer

  • • Pleasant wearing comfort whilst good durability

Intended purpose

Circular-knit compression stocking system used for compression of the lower extremities, primarily in the treatment of disorders of the venous system.


Standard colours


  • Below-knee stocking

Material components

mediven ulcer
73% Polyamide
27% Elastane

mediven ulcer plus
75% Polyamide
25% Elastane




Compression class

2 x 20 mmHg 


Closed toe
Open toe

Medical specifications


  • Therapy for venous ulcers (CEAP classification C6)
  • Therapy for mixed ulcers (due to arterial and venous issues), taking the contraindications into account
  • Prevention of recurrence of venous ulcer (CEAP classification C5)

Further information

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mediven® ulcer kit open toe – Donning

mediven® ulcer kit closed toe – Donning

mediven® ulcer kit open toe – Donning with donning aids

mediven® ulcer kit closed toe – Donning with donning aids

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