Besides their medical effect, the products from medi offer you a wide variety of other benefits

Features of medi products

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Confidence in textiles:
All compression garments and compression pantyhose (round knit and flat knit), anti-embolism stockings and supports are regularly tested to OEKO-TEX Standard 100 for human ecological harmful substances and assessed. The awarding of the certificate OEKO-TEX Standard 100 guarantees tested quality that safeguards your health.

Compression garments

Features of the compression garments

Clima Comfort*:

  • Wicks moisture away from the skin’s surface quickly
  • Guarantees a high level of breathability

*Scientifically tested by French institute IFTH. The test results show that Clima Comfort technology from medi assures climate control between the skin and the stocking. With 11/12 points, medi achieved an outstanding overall score.


  • Inelastic material for an effective therapy and pleasant wearing comfort
  • Inspired by nature

The founder of circaid was inspired from this “natural compression” and designed the first patented inelastic circaid leg garment. Find more here.

Dermatologically tested:
Skin tolerance dermatologically tested1
1cf. Ben Ammar, F. (Dermascan): Clinical evaluation of the skin compatibility of a medical device - application testing realized under dermatological control, Tunis, 2012/2013.

Supports & braces

Features of supports & braces

Clima Fresh:
The integrated Clima Fresh function has an antibacterial action and prevents the formation of odours. Bacteria are kept away from the knit and the fibre-deep hygiene is maintained.

Clima Comfort:
The elaborately worked knit ensures that skin stays comfortable and dry. Moisture is quickly and reliably absorbed on the inside and transported to the outside to evaporate. At the same time, the active breathing structure of the material guarantees the necessary supply of oxygen.
The result: Patients do not break into a sweat when wearing their supports and they find them comfortable to wear – even in summer.

Comfort Zone:
Thanks to special Comfort Zones in the sensitive flexor areas (e.g. the arm bend or back of the knee), medi supports always provide a comfortable fit. Comfort Zones are areas that are characterized by their especially soft and elastic knitted fabric. This allows medi supports to adapt very well to body movements without cutting into the bends of the joints. This increases the wearing comfort, both during physical activity and when sitting for longer periods. The result: soothing pain relief that simply makes you feel good.

medi Airtex⁺:
The medi Airtex+ material unites compression with the new functional features Smart Temp and Fresh Tech.The knit with the new materials provides thermoregulation and an antibacterial effect. It moulds itself to the knee and stays dimensionally stable, even during movements. The precise compression has proprioceptive actions and helps the body stabilise itself. It also helps reduce swelling and haematomas.


Features of insoles